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Yudu ® Compatible Screens

Aftermarket Yudu Screens



Ryonet’s new Yudu® compatible screens are the best aftermarket Yudu® frames available. Get the most out of your Yudu® machine and take advantage of more mesh sizes and higher quality frames. This is screen printing after all, so you should be able to print with the best aftermarket Yudu® screen available! Our Yudu ® compatible frames are stronger, tighter, will last longer and are available in a larger variety of mesh sizes than traditional frames. Plus, dozens of how to videos are available providing you with additional resources related to these amazing aftermarket Yudu ® screens.


These new screens feature a precision laser cut steel that fits exactly into your Yudu® press and Yudu® screen rack. The aftermarket Yudu® frames are powder coated blue and then stretched with professional screen printing mesh—increasing the screen printing capabilities of your Yudu® machine.  Expand what you can do with your Yudu®  and take advantage of Ryonet’s aftermarket Yudu® screens today.


Available Mesh Sizes (*Mesh size is measured by how many threads cross per square inch):


  • 110 White Mesh: Like your standard Yudu ® frame, only tighter and stronger to allow you to print easier.
  • 156 White Mesh: A great option if you want less ink through the screen and to achieve more detail.
  • 220 Yellow Mesh: This mesh is great for fine detail, paper prints, and water based inks.
  • 280 Yellow Mesh: Optimal for extremely fine detail and art prints.  
  • 86 White Mesh: A lower mesh that is used for shimmer ink and foil adhesive. 
  • 40 White Mesh: The lowest and most open mesh size, used for glitter ink. 


Using your Yudu ® w/ WBP emulsion to expose?

Low Mesh: 14 min

High Mesh 13 - 13.5 min



View more videos on product pages & listed below.

After Market Yudu Frames

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