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Dark Room Supplies

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The darkroom is one of the most important parts in the screen printing and having the proper darkroom supplies is very important to the screen printing process. Without a properly set up darkroom you allow many different variables into your emulsion and exposure process that can affect your results dramatically. A proper darkroom should be light safe, which means there are no UV rays present in the room or coming from outside of the room. A darkroom should also be fairly dry and stay between 65-75 degrees if possible. If your darkroom is too humid you will have problems drying your emulsion. You may also have your washout booth and dip tank in your dark room allowing easy access to screen washout after exposure. The more variables you take out, the fewer problems you will have.

SilkScreeningSupplies.com can provide you with all the darkroom supplies and equipment needed for a proper darkroom. Whether you are looking for startup equipment and supplies or looking to upgrade your darkroom supplies, SilkScreeningSupplies.com has just what you are looking for. 

Darkroom Supplies

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1 Light Safe Yellow Bulb (SKU: 3012)Light Safe Yellow Bulb
2 DIY UV Screen Exposure Bulb (Fluorescent CFL Bulb) (SKU: DRAC-UVBULB)DIY UV Screen Exposure Bulb (Fluorescent CFL Bulb)
3 Light Safe 36" T-12, 30 Watt, Non-UV Gold Fluorescent Tube (SKU: EUF30T12GOLD)36" Light safe tubes
4 Pre Registration Template Transparency or Board (SKU: Pre-RegTemp)Pre Registration Template Transparency or Board
5 Ryonet Spot Cleaning Gun with CCI SR-97 Gallon (SKU: CMKT-SPOTSOLUTIONKIT)Ryonet Spot Cleaning Gun with CCI SR-97 Gallon
6 Monster Max Emulsion Scoop Coater (SKU: DRAC-MMSC16)Monster Max Emulsion Scoop Coater
7 KDL Screen Printing Washout Booth (SKU: KDLUPS)KDL Screen Printing Washout Booth
8 Econo Washout Booth Stand / Screen Holder (SKU: EWSTAND30)Washout Booth Stand
9 Rubylith 40"x300" 3 Mil Roll (SKU: ULANORUBYLITH)Rubylith 40"x300" 3Mil Roll
10 Yellow Sleeve Cover - UV Proof Your Fluorescent Lights (SKU: EUVUUVCOVER)UV Blocking Light Cover
11 Inspection Eye Loupe 10x (SKU: EYELOUPE)Inspection Eye Loop
12 Screen Coating Stand (Coat Emulsion Like The Pro's!) (SKU: NGSCSA)Screen Coating Stand
13 Screen Drying Rack w/ 20 Slots - Fits 23x31" & 20x24" (SKU: NGFRS)Screen Drying Rack
14 Film Opaquer Black Pen - Fine Tip (SKU: DRAC-OPAQUEPEN)Fine Tip
15 Ryo Screen Blockout Qt (Additional Sizes) (SKU: CCRCQT)CCI Red Coat Water Removable Block-Out
16 KDXL Screen Printing Washout Booth (SKU: KDXL)KDXL Screen Printing Washout Booth
17 Backlit Washout Upgrade Kit for KDL and KDXL (SKU: KDXLBACKLIT)Backlit Washout Upgrade Kit
18 Stainless Steel Backlit Washout Sink 4x4' (SKU: CCE-44-SL)Stainless Steel Washout Sink
19 WDX Pro Screen Printing Washout Booth by Blackline (SKU: WDX)WDX Pro Screen Printing Washout Booth by Blackline
20 EasiWay Dip Tank & Strip All In One System (SKU: EasiDSsm)EasiWay Dip Tank & Strip All In One System
21 Blackline Small Screen Printing Dip Tank (SKU: BSDTUPS)
22 Blackline Large Screen Dip Tank (SKU: BLDT)Blackline Large Screen Dip Tank
23 CCI Stainless Steel Filtration System SFS-100 (SKU: CCSFS100)CCI Stainless Steel Filtration System
24 T-8 Unfiltered UV 18" Blacklight Fluorescent Bulb Replacement (SKU: MFPRF15T8-370BL)Blacklight Fluorescent 18" Bulb Replacement - Buy 8 and SAVE
25 T-12 Unfiltered UV Blacklight 36" Fluorescent Bulb Replacement (SKU: MFT-12F30-370BL)36" Blacklight Fluorescent Bulb Replacement
26 Light Table Film Inspection Box 20x24" (SKU: LT2024)Light Table 20x24"
27 Light Table Film Inspection Box 25x36" (SKU: LT2536)Light Table 25x36"
28 Karcher K-2.21 1500 PSI Pressure Washer (SKU: K255)Screen Pressure Washer
29 CCI 1022 Screen Printing Pressure Washer 1000 PSI (SKU: CC1022HP)Screen Printing Pressure Washer
30 Exposure Unit 2" Foam Pad 20x24" (SKU: EUCOLCOR24X20X2)Exposure Unit Foam Pad
31 Reusable Scrub Pad and Handle (SKU: SPHRSP)Reusable Scrub Pad and Handle
32 Replaceable Red Scrub Pad For Screen Cleaning (SKU: RSP)Replaceable Scrub Pad
33 Reusable Scrub Pad Handle (SKU: SPH)Reusable Scrub Pad Handle
34 Citra Paste Biodegradable, Plastisol Screen Wash Quart (SKU: CCCPQ)Order in Bulk & SAVE - Gallon $29.99
35 Citra Paste Biodegradable, Plastisol Screen Wash Gallon (SKU: CCCPG)Citra Paste Screen Wash Gallon
36 25x36" Automated UV Screen Exposure Unit Open Top (SKU: RXP2536)Screen Printing Exposure Unit
37 Squeegee and Screen Cleaner Re Circulating Booth (SKU: CCSQ1000Poly)Squeegee Cleaner Booth
38 Blockout Pen for Emulsion Pin Holes (SKU: BlkPen)Blockout Pen
39 PMI 3" Split Tape Roll 60 yrds (SKU: PMI3SPLIT)PMI 3" Split Tape
40 T-Square For Lining Up Films (SKU: LIT-TSA24)T-Square
41 C-Thru AccuSpecII Accurate Fine Screen Calibrations (SKU: MIS-CTAS2)C-Thru AccuSpecII Accurate Fine Screen Calibrations
42 Plunger Can 1 Qt, Easy Cleaning Fluid Applicator (SKU: JUS-10108)Plunger Can 1 Qt,
43 Screen Angle and Line Determiner (SKU: LIT-SALD)Screen Angle and Line Determiner
44 The Ultimate Cleanup Card - Ink Card (Box of 300 or 1500) (SKU: IIUCC-PK)Ink Cleaning Card

Creating Your Darkroom

In the past the way of thinking was to have a darkroom that was light safe, painted black with red light and dust free, this was used for photography and storing screens in them followed suit. Today the same requirements of being was light safe and dust free hold true with a few minor changes. The light in the room can be yellow, using either a yellow bug light or fluorescent tubes with yellow sleeves. Screens aren’t as sensitive to light as photographic films and the yellow light allows better visual inspection of your coating.

Concerning the color of the walls again black was used to keep any light from reflecting and exposing film, a good idea but very hard to work in with a red safe light. Paint the walls in a semi-gloss latex using a pink or rose color, this allows for greater visibility, the pink walls will reflect a pink light versus a white light and is completely safe for screens. Your darkroom should still remain tightly sealed from outside light and dust.

Ventilation is VERY important, a sealed room with wet screens will never dry, placing a fan in the room will circulate air but it’s still wet air and will kick up dust onto your screens. The most affective system is to buy a Dehumidifier to pull any moisture from the air and dry the screens completely and quickly, however do not place the unit IN the darkroom only because the water gathered is the room. Measure the face of the unit and cut a hole in the wall to mount the Dehumidifier into the opening, you will then seal the edges to prevent light and dust from coming in and keeping moisture out.

Now your pulling the moist air out, your water is collected outside the darkroom and not being re-circulated, your screens are drying quickly and completely. All this effort leads to longer print runs without breaking down, better edge definition and you have the beginnings of the perfect screen room.