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Dip Tanks, Washout Booths & Filtration

Available screen washout booths from Ryonet & SilkScreeningSupplies.com. 
Blackline & CCI Booths below:

A washout booth is essential for maintaining an efficient screen printing preparation and reclaiming room. The proper disposal of ink, chemicals and emulsion by-products is critical. Waste solids have the potential to ruin plumbing and septic systems and have harmful effects on the environment.  Dip tanks are great for small shops and projects. Using a dip tank you can: submerge your screens for about 4-5 minutes, pull them out of the dip tank, rinse, degrease and then the screens are ready for use again.

SilkScreeningSupplies.com offers a wide variety of washout booths, dip tanks and filtration systems that are used to filter the waste water that drains out of your washout booth and prevent drain clogging.  Order your washout booth, dip tank or filtration system today from SilkScreeningSupplies.com. With our large selection and affordable prices we are sure to have just what you are looking for! If you can’t find what you’re looking for, give us a call and we will be glad to help. 
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1 KDL-TT Screen Printing Starter Washout Booth (SKU: KDLTT)KDL-TT Screen Printing Starter Washout Booth
2 KDL Screen Printing Washout Booth (SKU: KDLUPS)KDL Screen Printing Washout Booth
3 Ryonet KB-32 Washout Booth (SKU: DREQ-KB-32)Ryonet KB-32 Washout Booth
4 Ryonet Eco Dunk Tank w/ Strip Solution (SKU: CCECODUNK-KIT)Ryonet Eco Dunk Tank, 100% Recycled Material (Memorial Weekend Special)
5 KDXL Screen Printing Washout Booth (SKU: KDXL)KDXL Screen Printing Washout Booth
6 Backlit Washout Upgrade Kit for KDL and KDXL (SKU: KDXLBACKLIT)Backlit Washout Upgrade Kit
7 Econo Washout Booth Stand / Screen Holder (SKU: EWSTAND30)Washout Booth Stand
8 WDX Pro Screen Printing Washout Booth by Blackline (SKU: WDX)WDX Pro Screen Printing Washout Booth by Blackline
9 Stainless Steel Backlit Washout Sink 4x4' (SKU: CCE-44-SL)Stainless Steel Washout Sink
10 CCI Stainless Steel Filtration System SFS-100 (SKU: CCSFS100)CCI Stainless Steel Filtration System
11 Blackline Filter One - Washout Booth Filtration (SKU: DREQ-BLFLT1HP)Blackline Filter One
12 EasiWay Dip Tank & Strip All In One System (SKU: EasiDSsm)EasiWay Dip Tank & Strip All In One System
13 Blackline Small Screen Printing Dip Tank (SKU: BSDTUPS)
14 Blackline Large Screen Dip Tank (SKU: BLDT)Blackline Large Screen Dip Tank
15 Micro Wash 2 Dip Tank Solution Emulsion Remover Ink Degrader 5 Gal (SKU: CCINW25)Micro Wash 2 Dip Tank Solution 5 Gallons
16 Spot Cleaning Gun Digester Exhaust System & Kit (SKU: CCTT-250)Spot Cleaning Gun Exhaust System
17 Spot Cleaning Table Top Digester Exhauster (SKU: CCTT-250TTD)Spot Cleaning Table Top Digester Exhauster
18 1 GAL CC SR-97 Spot Remover Fluid (SKU: CCSR-97Gal)1 GAL CC SR-97 Spot Remover Fluid
19 Karcher K-2.21 1500 PSI Pressure Washer (SKU: K255)Screen Pressure Washer
20 CCI 1022 Screen Printing Pressure Washer 1000 PSI (SKU: CC1022HP)Screen Printing Pressure Washer
21 Rubylith 40"x300" 3 Mil Roll (SKU: ULANORUBYLITH)Rubylith 40"x300" 3Mil Roll
22 Squeegee and Screen Cleaner Re Circulating Booth (SKU: CCSQ1000Poly)Squeegee Cleaner Booth
23 18"x150 Yards Filter Media Roll (SKU: CCSFS100Filter)CCI Media Roll