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Discharge Water Based Screen Printing Silk Screening Inks

Discharge screen printing is becoming very popular in today’s market. Through it is not as environmentally friendly as the Enviro Line Water Based Inks, discharge water based screen printing inks offers a unique solution for garment decoration. This ink can be printed as direct discharge, dye discharge, or used as an under base for water based or plastisol inks. Discharge water based inks generate a softer feel on garments and give a unique vintage look that customer’s love. SilkScreeningSupplies.com offers discharge water based screen printing inks individually in pints, gallons or as kits.

If this is your first time using discharge water based screen printing ink or are interested in learning how to use them to get the most for your money, buying our DVD will help explain everything you need to know about discharge inks and how to use them properly. 

Standard Discharge

Dye Discharge: Click to Enlarge

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1 RyoCharge Qt Plastisol Discharge Ink Additive (SKU: CCRYOCHARGEQ)RyoCharge - Plastisol Discharge Ink
2 Water Based & Discharge Ink Screen Printing DVD (SKU: WBDVD)Water Based DVD
3 Ryonet Discharge Base - Pint (SKU: CCDISBASEP)
4 Ryonet Discharge Base - Quart (SKU: CCDISBASEQ)
5 Ryonet Discharge Base - 1 Gallon (SKU: CCDISBASEG)
6 Ryonet Discharge Base - 5 Gallon (SKU: CCDISBASE5)
7 Ryonet Discharge Agent (SKU: CCDISAGENTLB)
8 Ryonet White Discharge - Pint (SKU: CCDISWHITEP)
9 Ryonet White Discharge - Quart (SKU: CCDISWHITEQ)
10 Ryonet White Discharge - 1 Gallon (SKU: CCDISWHITEG)
11 Ryonet White Discharge - 5 Gallon (SKU: CCDISWHITE5)
12 Discharge Water Based Ink Qt (Additional Sizes) (SKU: MTDSPSQT)Discharge Water Based Ink Qt (Additional Sizes)
13 White Discharge Water Based Ink Qt (Additional Sizes) (SKU: MTDISPMWHITEQ)White Discharge Water Based Ink Qt (Additional Sizes)
14 Printgen MG Water Based Ink Retarder Quart (SKU: MTPGMG-Q)Printgen MG Water Based Ink Retarder Quart
15 6" Flexible Ink Spatula (SKU: MIS-ISPF6)Flexible Metal 6" Ink Spatula
16 8" Flexible Ink Spatula (SKU: MIS-ISPF8)Ink Spatula
17 Matsui Fixer N Qt (Additional Sizes) (SKU: MTFIXERN-Q)Matsui Fixer N Qt (Additional Sizes)