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The "Flying Wing" Ergonomic Squeegee by Riley Hopkins

The "Flying Wing" Ergonomic Squeegee by Riley Hopkins

The "Flying Wing" Ergonomic Squeegee by Riley Hopkins
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Read more.... After several years of development on the Riley Hopkins "Flying Wing" Ergonomic squeegee, we are proud to announce our latest and greatest update of this amazing product! The original wooden versions of this design were extremely popular, but far too expensive. However, the feel of wood was what people liked. In order to bring the price down to earth, we went with a plastic injection molded product, which was less expensive, but being plastic, the handle wouldn't absorb any sweat from your hands. Enter Germany! On a recent trip over to Germany to see the latest and greatest in injection molding...our injection guys thought the factory was on fire! " No" said their guide. "That's just our new wood and plastic injection process we just developed!" After seeing how it worked, and telling us about it...we have now combined these two materials of plastic and wood, to give you an inexpensive handle...that absorbs the excess moisture from your hands!

Everybody that has used this baby is over the moon about it, and we think you will be too. Get a couple and try them out! On the technical side, the blurb could be something like: "I been in this business for a long time, sold a ton of presses around the world, and seen a lot of printers...some of whom had to cut their careers short from carpal tunnel syndrome. I developed the "Flying Wing" Ergonomic Squeegee to help alleviate the pressures and stresses of manual printing. If you think about it, printing is a very physical endeavor. I think we have been printing "backwards" for a long time, but that is just my opinion. If you look at a "pull stroke", you are actually using the body in its weakest mode, with all the wrong muscles, and very little body leverage to assist you.

If you look at a "push stroke" its obvious that you can use your body weight to help you, you don't load up your carpal tunnels, and you also don't have a "death grip" on the handle (which leads to numb finger tips). Regardless of which way you print, I think I've come up with a much easier way to print, giving you a wide variety of hand grip positions, and wrist/forearm positions with the "Flying Wing" Ergonomic Squeegee. Once you use this product, I think your body will tell you to buy some more! - Riley Hopkins