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Film Positive Ink for Epson Output Printers

Dye based inks make perfect film positives. And BLACKMAX is the perfect ink to turn your pigment based printer into a dye based imagesetter quality printer. Or, with your current dye based printer, save money with high quality BLACKMAX products. Our BLACKMAX or R-INK Dye ink is specially formulated for printing on clear film like R-Film and is designed to be quick drying, scratch resistant, and have excellent UV blocking characteristics.

*Using this ink WILL NOT void your warranty from Epson.

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1 Blackmax 1400/1430 Full Cartridge Kit (SKU: FOIK-1400BLMXSET)Blackmax 1400/1430 Full Cartridge Set
2 Blackmax 1400/1430 Tank Refill Set (SKU: FOIK-1400BLMXTANKS)Blackmax 1400/1430 Ink Tanks - Need Frames to use Ink Tanks
3 Epson 4880 BlackMax™ Ink Cartridges 220ml (SKU: EP4880BLMX220PK)4880 BlackMax™ Ink Cartridges
4 Epson 4800 BlackMax™ Ink Cartridges 110ml Set (SKU: FOIK-4800BLMXPACK)Full BlackMax 8 Cartridge Set 110ml each
5 Artisan 50 Blackmax All Black Ink Set (SKU: EP50BLKPACK)Artisan 50 Blackmax Ink
6 Epson Workforce 1100 BlackMAX™ Ink Cartridges (Pack) (SKU: EP1100BLMXPACK)Epson 1100 BlackMAX™ Ink
7 Epson 4900 BlackMax™ Ink Cartridges 220ml (SKU: EP4900BLMX200PACK)4900 BlackMax™ Ink Cartridges
8 Epson R1900 BlackMAX™ All Black Dye Ink Cartridges (SKU: EP1900BLKPACK)BlackMAX™ All Black Epson R1800
9 Epson R1800 BlackMAX™ All Black Dye Ink Cartridges (SKU: EP1800BLMXPACK)BlackMAX™ All Black Epson R1800
10 BlackMAX Dye Black Ink for Film Output LITER (SKU: BLKLITER)Dye Black Ink Liter
11 BlackMAX 90ml Ink Bags (Replacement for FastINK Bulk System Bags) (SKU: usblkd90)Epson BlackMax Ink Bags!
12 R-Ink™ 2400 Photo Black Dye Ink (FastInk Replacement) 18ml (SKU: US2400PHBLKD18U)R-Ink™ 2400 Photo Black Dye