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Transfer Papers - Inkjet, Sublimation, & Chromablast

We offer 3 different kinds of digital heat transfer systems and papers. Standard Inkjet, ChromaBlast, and Sublimation. Listed below is a summary of all 3.

Standard Inkjet transfers can be printed with any inkjet printer. They are easy to use but are more geared towards hobby printing or single shirt orders. They leave a plastic feeling image on the garment. They work best with a plotter.

Chromablast transfers are a more professional solution to transfer printing, but you must have a ChromaBlast Ink and a compatible Printer. This style of printing will allow you to transfer high quality and brilliant digital transfers onto 100% cotton shirts with almost no feel to the touch!

Sublimation transfers allow you to transfer onto polyester shirts and other poly coated items such as mugs, mouse pads, plaques, key chains, tiles, & more. To use Sublimation Transfers, you'll need Sublimation Ink and a Compatible Epson Printer. Sublimation inks Transfer with no feel to the touch.

Hybrid Systems are the most versatile package that we offer and require both Chromablast and Sublimation Transfers. A Hybrid is a combination of Chromablast and Sublimation inks in the same printer. You can have the best of both worlds with this system because it will satisfy all of your Poly and 100% cotton needs!


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1 Inkjet Heat Transfer Paper Hot Peel 8.5x14" - 25pk (SKU: HTPP-IJTP8514-25PK)Inkjet Heat Transfer Paper Hot Peel 8.5x14"
2 Inkjet Heat Transfer Paper Hot Peel 8.5x11" - 25pk (SKU: HTPP-IJTP8511-25PK)Inkjet Heat Transfer Paper Hot Peel 8.5x11"
3 Inkjet Heat Transfer Paper Hot Peel 11x17" - 25pk (SKU: HTPP-IJTP1117-25PK)Inkjet Heat Transfer 11x17"
4 Heat Transfer 16x20" Teflon Sheet (SKU: TRM-SM1620)16x20" Teflon Sheet