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CRP-Corrugated Plastic Ink

A fast drying high gloss ink designed for indoor or outdoor use. Suitable for corrugated plastic sheets manufactured from special co-polymer resins. CRP-0000 series inks exhibit excellent scuff, water and outdoor resistance.




Thinning: May be used straight from the can but it is HIGHLY recommended to thin 5 - 15% by weight with CRP-1800 Thinner . Substitute CRP-1800 Thinner with CRP-1820 Slow Thinner/Retarder to improve screen stability .For maximum lightfastness or outdoor durability , little or no thinning is recommended.

Wash-Up: CRP-1800 Thinner. CRP-1840 Wash-Up

Coverage: Approximately 2100 sq.ft./1 U.S. Gallon using a 280/in. monofilament fabric..
Fabric/Stencil: 200 to 305 monofilament fabric . Direct and indirect photostencil or water soluble hand cut stencils are suitable

Drying: By solvent evaporation . CRP-0000 Series dries within 30 minutes at normal room temperature or can be jet dried 20 to 45 seconds at 150 °F. to 200 °F. Allow more time between prints for multiple color jobs

Die Cutting/Creasing: Can be successfully die-cut or creased but should be tested prior to production .


Inks: 1 U.S. Qt /0.94 Lt. 1 U.S. Gal./3.78 Lt.

Solvents: 1 U.S. Gal./3.78 Lt.
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1 CCI RC5 Screen Wash Solvent Ink Remover Gal (SKU: CCRC5-GAL)CCI RC5 Screen Wash Solvent Ink Remover Gal
2 CRP Thinner Gallon (SKU: CRP1800G)CRP Thinner Gallon
3 CRP Slow Thinner Gallon (SKU: CRP1820G)CRP Slow Thinner Gallon
4 CRP Black Quart (SKU: CRP1110Q)CRP Black Quart
5 CRP Black Gallon (SKU: CRP1110G)CRP Black Gallon
6 CRP White Quart (SKU: CRP1120Q)CRP White Quart
7 CRP White Gallon (SKU: CRP1120G)CRP White Gallon
8 CRP Fire Red Quart (SKU: CRP1020Q)CRP Fire Red Quart
9 CRP Fire Red Gallon (SKU: CRP1020G)CRP Fire Red Gallon
10 CPR Brilliant Red Quart (SKU: CRP1030Q)CPR Brilliant Red Quart
11 CRP Brilliant Red Gallon (SKU: CRP1030G)CRP Brilliant Red Gallon
12 CRP Bright Red Quart (SKU: CRP1040Q)CRP Bright Red Quart
13 CRP Bright Red Gallon (SKU: CRP1040G)CRP Bright Red Gallon
14 CRP Fluorescent Red Quart (SKU: CRP0950Q)CRP Fluorescent Red Quart
15 CRP Fluorescent Red Gallon (SKU: CRP0950G)CRP Fluorescent Red Gallon
16 CRP Permanent Red Quart (SKU: CRP1050Q)CRP Permanent Red Quart
17 CRP Permanent Red Gallon (SKU: CRP1050G)CRP Permanent Red Gallon
18 CRP Warm Red Quart (SKU: CRP1250Q)CRP Warm Red Quart
19 CRP Warm Red Gallon (SKU: CRP1250G)CRP Warm Red Gallon
20 CRP Maroon Quart (SKU: CRP1080Q)CRP Maroon Quart
21 CRP Maroon Gallon (SKU: CRP1080G)CRP Maroon Gallon
22 CRP Fluorescent Pink Gallon (SKU: CRP0970G)CRP Fluorescent Pink Gallon
23 CRP Orange Quart (SKU: CRP1220Q)CRP Orange Quart
24 CRP Orange Gallon (SKU: CRP1220G)CRP Orange Gallon
25 CRP Fluorescent Orange Quart (SKU: CRP0980Q)CRP Fluorescent Orange Quart
26 CRP Fluorescent Orange Gallon (SKU: CRP0980G)CRP Fluorescent Orange Gallon
27 CRP Lemon Yellow Quart (SKU: CRP1320Q)CRP Lemon Yellow Quart
28 CRP Lemon Yellow Gallon (SKU: CRP1320G)CRP Lemon Yellow Gallon
29 CRP Medium Yellow Quart (SKU: CRP1340Q)CRP Medium Yellow Quart
30 CRP Medium Yellow Gallon (SKU: CRP1340G)CRP Medium Yellow Gallon
31 CRP Forest Green Quart (SKU: CRP1450Q)CRP Forest Green Quart
32 CRP Forest Green Gallon (SKU: CRP1450G)CRP Forest Green Gallon
33 CRP Dark Green Quart (SKU: CRP1480Q)CRP Dark Green Quart
34 CRP Dark Green Gallon (SKU: CRP1480G)CRP Dark Green Gallon
35 CRP Fluorescent Green Quart (SKU: CRP0920Q)CRP Fluorescent Green Quart
36 CRP Fluorescent Green Gallon (SKU: CRP0920G)CRP Fluorescent Green Gallon
37 CRP Brilliant Blue Quart (SKU: CRP1560Q)CRP Brilliant Blue Quart
38 CRP Brilliant Blue Gallon (SKU: CRP1560G)CRP Brilliant Blue Gallon
39 CRP Dark Blue Quart (SKU: CRP1580Q)CRP Dark Blue Quart
40 CRP Peacock Blue Quart (SKU: CRP1540Q)CRP Peacock Blue Quart
41 CRP Peacock Blue Gallon (SKU: CRP1540G)CRP Peacock Blue Gallon
42 CRP Fluorescent Blue Quart (SKU: CRP0990Q)CRP Fluorescent Blue Quart
43 CRP Fluorescent Blue Gallon (SKU: CRP0990G)CRP Fluorescent Blue Gallon
44 CRP Purple Quart (SKU: CRP1620Q)CRP Purple Quart
45 CRP Purple Gallon (SKU: CRP1620G)CRP Purple Gallon