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The Jacket Champ - For Screen Printing Jackets

The Jacket Champ is the leader in the industry, with the aluminum platen stretch and locking system. The handle locks down in one easy motion that keeps the jacket pulled tight. Self adjusting rubber blades provide the correct pressure for thick quilted jackets or thin nylon jackets.

The Jacket Champ comes in 5 different Sizes from 10" to 18" for printing on the backs of jackets. It adapts to all presses. The clam shell locking system holds the jacket in place for multi-color printing. It stretches, clamps and locks in one quick motion. The spring loaded lifter holds the clamp up while loading the jacket. It adjusts to accommodate light to heavy weight jackets. No adhesive is required.
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1 Ryonet Screen Printing Jacket Hold Down (10x10) (SKU: NJACKETHD10)Ryonet Screen Printing Jacket Hold Down (10x10)
2 Ryonet Screen Printing Jacket Hold Down (16x16) (SKU: NJACKETHD16)Ryonet Screen Printing Jacket Hold Down (16x16)
3 Ryonet Screen Printing Jacket Hold Down (18x18) (SKU: NJACKETHD18)Ryonet Screen Printing Jacket Hold Down (18x18)
4 The 10" Square Jacket Champ (SKU: LSJacket1010)Screen Print Jackets and Sleeves!
5 The 14.5" Square Jacket Champ (SKU: LSJacket1414)Prints on Jackets and Sleeves
6 The 16.5" Square Jacket Champ (SKU: LSJacket1616)For Screen Printing Jackets and Sleeves!
7 The 18.5" Square Jacket Champ (SKU: LSJacket1818)Screen Print Jackets and Sleeves!
8 Sports Champ Attachment for Printing Shorts & More (SKU: LSSportsChamp)Sports Champ Attachment