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  • Laser cut and formed assembly ensure uniform construction and increase stability.
  • Numbered print heads increase job accuracy and assist in print order definition
  • Adjustable wheel detent system alleviates noise during rotation and allows for smooth transitions between print stations
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty *Only available on new Riley press design.

LowRider Screen Printing Packages

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1 The LowRider Jr. Complete Screen Printing Shop Package (SKU: LRJRPackage)The LowRider Jr. Complete Screen Printing Shop Package (SKU: LRJRPackage)LowRider Jr. Screen Printing Package
FREE SHIPPING in contiguous US
2 Low Rider All-In-One Screen Printing Package (SKU: LRPackage)Low Rider All-In-One Screen Printing Package (SKU: LRPackage)Low Rider Screen Printing Package - Compact but High Production
FREE SHIPPING in contiguous US
The LowRider System is the hottest new product in the screen printing industry. This unique screen printing system allows you to combine two of the largest space users into one efficient package that is portable. If you are working out of your garage, your entire printer/dryer system will take up only one car’s worth of space, instead of your entire garage like other screen printing equipment.  All LowRider Screen Printing Packages come on 4 lockable wheels making it easy for you to move the system around to where you need it as well as allows you to roll the unit into your van or trailer for on-site event printing.

In addition to all the space saving attributes, the dryer has five full feet of heat with two incline in and out feeds—so you don’t have to bend over to load a shirt onto the conveyor. You print at a 45 degree angle to the in-feed, so all you have to do is pull your printed garment off the pallet, and place it on the end of the conveyor roller. The garment travels downhill onto the main belt, where it rides through the heat chamber. Once the garment is cured, it travels up the third and final belt to drop the garment into a box. This unique three belt system and design concept has been developed by Riley Hopkins, one of the industry’s top innovators.

Order your LowRider Screen Printing Packages from SilkScreeningSupplies.com today or call a friendly customer service representative who can assist you with your purchase and answer any questions or concerns before you purchase. The LowRider Screen Printing Packages gives screen printing businesses the convenience they have been looking for, order yours today!