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Newman Screen Printing Silk Screening Roller Frames

Take screen printing to the next level with SilkScreeningSupplies.com’s Newman Roller Frames!  Roller frames provide a screen printer with higher tension, better ink flow, tighter registration and more control.  Stretching your own roller frames also gives you the ability to stretch and re-stretch the desired mesh size for any job at any given time. Since you can retention a roller frame, the mesh can be used longer than a static frame and this is sure to save you money. Newman Roller Frames are lighter, stronger and easier to use than any other roller frame on the market, so why by an imitation if you can have the original!

There are primarily two lines of Newman Roller Frames, MZX and M3. 

  1. MZX frames are available from Ryonet in 18x20" ID and 23x28" OD format.  
    * 18x20" ID frame with 3 rollers and 1 square bar, these frames are typically used for manual printing and can hold 40-50 Newton's of tension.
    * 23x28" OD frame with 3 rollers and 1 square bar, these can be used in manual or small format auto printing and can hold up to a 40-50 Newton tension.
  2. M3 are available in 23x31" and 25x36" Standard format. These frames can also be customized to almost any size for large all over styles of prints with the larger frames switching to M6 and higher formats for size and strength.
    * M3 Frames come standard with all rollers and can hold up to 80+ Newtons of tension. These frames are great for automatic printing but can also be used for manual presses with side clamps.

    Roller Frame Kits


    If you're new to Newman Roller Frames and want to hit the ground running, consider starting as efficiently as possible—with one of our complete roller frame kits.  These kits include: all the frames, tools and mesh you need to start printing! We'll even stretch the first set of frames for you, so when you get your roller frames you can immediately start printing with maximum tension. Contact us to order your Newman Roller Frames or place an order online today. 

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