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Setting Up Epson 4880 HyBrid & TriBrid AccuRip

The Epson 4800 and 4880 HyBrid and Tribrid Systems from Ryonet are some of the most versatile encompassing digital printer packages on the market.  This pages contains tech data and information pertaining to the Sawgrass Hybrid system, how to use the TriBrid with AccuRip, and much more.  Check out the info and video below to see how you can setup AccuRip with the Epson 4880 HyBrid or TriBrid systems to print film positives. 

The Epson 4800 and 4880 HyBrid or TriBrid systems use 8 cartridges in a dual CMYK format.  When setting up AccuRip, you want to setup the rip in MULTI BLACK function in order to have the functionality to select specifically the Light Black Cartridge (slot 5) which contains ChromaBlast black.  We have found the ChromaBlast black works GREAT for opaque film positives.  It's important to remember that when printing with either of these printers, we recommend using a high quality water proof film positive, like Ryonet R-Film.  Its also VERY important to note that in order to use these systems for printing film positives you must use AccuRip, if you print through the standard Epson driver, you will print out of the Sublijet black cartridge and it will not be opaque.  See the diagram which shows the Hybrid or TriBrid ink cartridge configuration.


 This video explains setting up AccuRip and printing with it using either the 4880 or 4800.

Recomended print settings for optimal density using ChromaBlast Black (slot 5 - light black) and AccuRip.

For Speed - Medium Density.
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For MAX Density
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We do not recommend using bidirectional printing with the Epson 4880 because sometimes it can cause registration issues.

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