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Newman Roller Mesh Information

Newman Roller Mesh Information

Some mesh manufacturers are pushing thinner threads, but customers are reporting that the mesh gets brittle or breaks easily. One question being asked is: what difference does Newman Roller Mesh with the thinner threads make?

Consider polyester: the specific alloy of the polymer in polyester varies enormously—there are hundreds or maybe thousands of different alloys within this polymer. They are all generally referred to as polyester, but it is a very large and very different family of polymers that make up this general category as a whole. It is the same with steel and aluminum alloys. There are many thousands of them and they all fall under the category of steel or aluminum, but all contain a variety of different properties and strengths.

The Newman Roller Mesh polymers of polyester are much stronger in their flexibility and compression strength when compared with other polyester meshes. Thin does not equal weak in this case. The fibers are stronger but simultaneously flexible enough to keep from becoming brittle or breaking easily. Simply put it, is the engineering behind the product is what makes the difference. Here’s the engineering breakdown in a nutshell: the knuckle joints are comprised of woven fabric and maintain tension on the top and are in compression where the two threads touch each other and in shear strength in the middle.. There are complex stresses present in the knuckle joints where the joints and the filaments are in pure tension; this changes and gets more punishing when deflected by the squeegee. Unlike Newman Roller Mesh, some manufacturers are simply using a weaker polymer that is not as flexible. By using a lesser grade, costs are kept lower. This is not necessarily a practice that translates into product integrity. When the polymer quality is weak, the resulting mesh is going to be more brittle and potentially result in breakage and this is where customers are getting frustrated.

There are a variety of companies supplying products like mesh; invest time in understanding the quality process behind the products involved in your process and your results will speak for themselves.