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Vinyl Cutters & Plotters

Plotters are one of the most versatile machines for a screen printing shop. They allow expansion of your business into many areas. Silk Screening Plotters allow you to perform transfers on textile work in addition to the following applications: Cut Vinyl, Cut Heat Transfer, Cut Rhinestone Stencil Templates, Contour Cut Pre Printed Stickers and Graphics, and Cut Etching and Sandblast Resist Stencil.

A plotter is essentially a profit center in one machine.You’ll never need to send your clients to competitors.

Plotters have many user friendly features. You are able to control the force, speed and direction they cut with, which gives you ultimate control of your work. By ganging up images or text you can maximize the media use, thereby maximizing your profits. With our large selection to choose from, low prices and fast shipping, SilkScreeningSupplies.com is sure to have the right Plotter to fit your needs.

Order you Screening Printing Plotters today from SilkScreeningSupplies.com or contact a friendly customer service representative who can assist you with your order and any questions you have.

What can a Plotter do?
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1 Heat Transfer Vinyl Start Up Package (SKU: HTKT-VSTARTUP)Heat Transfer Vinyl Package
2 Graphtec 12" Cameo Plotter (SKU: GTSILHOUETTE)Graphtec 12" Cameo Plotter Cutter
3 Graphtec 15" Cutter (SKU: GTCE6000-40)Table top Graphtec 15" Cutter
4 Graphtec 24" Cutter With Stand (SKU: GTCE6000-60)Graphtec 24" Cutter With Stand
5 Roland GX-24 Vinyl Plotter (SKU: RDGX24)Roland GX-24 Vinyl Plotter
6 Graphtec 48" Cutter With Stand (SKU: GTCE6000-120)Graphtec 48" Cutter With Stand
7 Roland 8" & 15" STIKA SV Vinyl Plotters (SKU: RDSV8)Roland STIKA SV Vinyl Plotters
8 Roland 15" STIKA SV Vinyl Plotters (SKU: RDSV15)Roland STIKA SV Vinyl Plotters
9 Roland GX-300 30" Vinyl Plotter Cutter (SKU: RDGX-300)Roland GX-300 Vinyl Plotter Cutter
10 Roland GX-400 40" Vinyl Plotter Cutter (SKU: RDGX-400)Roland GX-400 Vinyl Plotter Cutter
11 Roland GX-500 50" Vinyl Plotter & Cutter (SKU: RDGX-500)Roland GX-500 Vinyl Plotter Cutter
12 Stand for Roland GX 24" Plotter (SKU: RDGX24STAND)Roland 24" Plotter Stand
13 Cleaning Swabs (Printer & Plotter Maintenance) (SKU: PCS71-4500-25PK)
14 GT Craft Robo 2pk Carrier Sheets - 11.7"x 16.5" (SKU: GTCR09300K-A3)