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The Apprentice Screen Printing Package

The Apprentice Screen Printing Package

The Apprentice Screen Printing Package
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The Apprentice Pro Screen Printing Package is designed around the starter who has limited space and budget but wants professional grade equipment that can be expanded in the future without having to buy new equipment! This package includes everything you need to get going!

The Apprentice package offers several advantages over our table top kits. The main reason is it has an expandable Floor Model Riley Hopkins 4 Color 1 Station WIN Series Press w/ Joystick Registration. Having a press in your shop with Joystick Registration vs. press without will enable you to print full color jobs high detail jobs including four color process! Having a multiple station upgrade available to expand in the future also means you can increase your production without having to buy a new press! Another benefit is that this kit comes standard with a 25x36"" Automated 8 Bulb 240 Watt UV Exposure unit which will expose standard screens in 5 minutes. To complete this full package we also include a Black Body 16x16" Econo Flash dryer for curing your ink and a full six color supply kit. Please read below for a complete list of what is included.

If you're not completely sure how screen printing works, please watch our 10 minute "Intro to Process" video above.

The Apprentice Screen Printing Package Includes:

Riley Hopkins 4-color 1-station Printing Press

*Upgradeable to a 4 color 4 station production press

The Riley Hopkins press with "Joy Stick" registration is the most user friendly and affordable press on the market. It allows you to set up multi color jobs without the hassle of adjusting micro registration. It's the most advanced registration on the screen printing market and allows you to register with greater speed while having terrific control over tight adjustments. See pictures on how to use the joystick registration below. As a stand alone press you don't have to worry about finding a table to put the press! The WIN 4 Color 1 Station gives you the best of all worlds as you start, professional grade, joystick registration, floor model, and expandability. Upgrade to a 4 Color 4 Station now for $400 or Later for $750.


  • Joystick Micro Registration
  • 16"x16" Shirt Boards with neck alignment
  • Independently rotating heads and print station
  • Low Drag Tapered Roller Bearings
  • Cast and machined 356 Air Craft Grade Aluminum heat treated to T-6 hardness
  • Arrives Partially assembled and will fit through standard doors
  • Rotates in a 6' Work Circle
  • 23" Screen Width Capacity
  • Option to exchange Joystick registration with Micro Registration for $50 per head

Joystick Micro Registration

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Joystick Micro Registration

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Rotates in a 6' circle

Upgrade Option: The Riley Hopkins Pro Upgrade - create the ultimate printing machine. Featuring a 10-year warranty and aluminum pallets, the Pro Upgrade is designed to improve the press's performance, eliminate part replacement, save you money, and provide assurance for years to come. Upgrade now for only $495 ($545 for 18"x20" pallets).

  • 4, 16x18" Aluminum Pallets vs. Wood ($596 value)
  • 10 Year Warranty vs. 1 Year: ($600 value)

Upgrade Option: Add XYZ Micro Registration for only $200. If you're not a fan of the "Joystick Registration", have no fear, standard Mirco Registration can be added to this press for only $50 per head ($200 Total). About 90% of our customers prefer the Joystick Registration but the standard micro registration is available for those looking for it.

Black Body Econo Cure 16"x16" 1575 Watt Infrared Flash Dryer


  • Fully capable of fully curing plastisol ink
  • Adjustable height with rotating capabilities
  • Black Body's quality IR Panel for overall consistent heat across a 16"x16" area
  • Comes with wheels for easy use and mobility
  • Plugs into a standard 110 volt wall outlet
  • Comes with a 1 Year warranty

Upgrade Option: Upgrade to an 18"x18" 2223 Watt Afford A Flash. The 18"x18" not only cures a larger area, but will also cure shirts faster and will give you more versatility as you grow and expand your business. - Only $141.01 (Includes a 1 Year Warranty. The 18x18 flash dryer comes with a 20 amp plug and will need a 20 amp outlet receptacle for power).

Upgrade Option: Upgrade to the Black Body Little Buddy 5' Conveyor Dryer for only $2080. The Little Buddy conveyor dryer is one of the best upgrade options because it ensures a quality ink cure. Rated to cure 72 pieces an hour, the Little Buddy dryer will cut your labor time in half when compared to curing with your flash dryer. Available in 120v or 240v. Includes: Belt speed control, Adjustable oven gates, Belt tracking guide, Stand with locking casters, Vented top and a 3 Year Warranty. The dryer can always be added at a later date.

25"x36" Aluminum Exposure Unit

  • Expose the finest detail possible and give yourself the ability to print half tones!
  • 240 watts of unfiltered UV power
  • 25" x 36" 8 Bulb Unit
  • Heavy duty extruded aluminum construction
  • Includes a 3" foam pad and easy to follow instructions to make your own lid
  • 3 Yr Warranty
  • Includes Exposure Calculator. (see how it works here)

Upgrade Option: Add a aluminum lid for $300. The aluminum compression lid helps ensure the correct amount of press for optimal results. Although the unit can be operated efficiently without it, the compression lid makes the use of this unit much more consistent and easier to use. Picture Shown at the bottom of this page.

Complete Product & Chemical Kit


  • 8 Screens: 4: 110 mesh and 4: 156 Mesh, pre-stretched, high quality, 20"x24",
  • Ink – International Coatings Plastisol Ink Standard Colors Included w/ Kit. Half Gallons of Ryonet White, Ryonet Black and QT's Royal Blue, Flag Red, Kelly Green, Lemon Yellow. (You may order more colors for a discounted price with this kit by choosing the options above. Please also check out our Ink Value Pack
  • 1 Qt Ink Reducer
  • 6 Ink Scoops for easy ink handling & application
  • 6 - 15" Squeegees
  • 16" Scoop Coater – Used for applying the emulsion to the screen
  • 2 Roll of screen masking tape
  • 1 Can of Ryonet's Plasti-solv Ink Remover
  • 1 Can of Ryonet's Screen Clean Screen Opener - removes dried ink from screens
  • 100 Printing Pellons – used for test prints (50-white, 50-black)
  • 50: Sheets of Kimoto 8.5x14" Inkjet Transparency Film

Upgrade Option: Add the Epson 1400 BLACKMAX Output System for only $1099.
  • Epson R1400 Printer - 13" Wide Printer
  • AccuRIP™ - Software, Crisp Halftones, Perfect Registration
  • BLACKMAX INK CARTRIDGES Optimal Opaque Dye Based Inks, 6 Cartridge System
  • R-Film™ - 13"x18" Sheets, Fast Dry Time, No Shrinkage, Waterproof (Required)
  • R-Film™ - 8.5"x14" Sheets, Fast Dry Time, No Shrinkage, Waterproof (Required)
  • USB Cable - 6' USB Cable
  • Educational DVDS - 4 Color Process and Specialty Printing DVD
  • RIP Combos are used to make Film Positives. Using a stock inkjet printer will not print dark enough ink on the film allowing light to shine through the image and will result in loss of detail and/or an exposed image. The RIP Combo uses RIP software that tells the printer to print more ink with crisp edges. The Combination of an Epson Printer, RIP Software, BLACKMAX Ink, and Waterproof film results in a super opaque image with crisp edges and also gives you half tone capabilities.

Upgrade Option: Add aluminum screen frame racks for only $259 each. Now you can store your screens off the floor with one of our aluminum screen frame racks! No more dust, dirt, or fibers getting stuck in your emulsion. Our aluminum screen frame rack holds 20 screens and keeps them evenly spaced for maximum airflow for faster drying times. This Rack will accommodate 20x24" and 23x31" screens in wood and aluminum.

Upgrade Option: Add a screen coating stand for only $33.33. Coat emulsion like the pro's with our easy to use emulsion coating stand. This stand helps hold the screen in place while you apply emulsion with the scoop coater.

Upgrade Option: Add pre-coated screens, coated w/ exposure ready emulsion. Selecting the pre-coated screen option allows you to get a jump start on your screen printing venture. For $8 per screen, your screens will arrive coated and ready to expose allowing you to start printing in minutes. Pre-coated screens are sent in a light safe bag. Note: Screens must be opened in a light safe environment. Screens must be exposed with quality films that have an opaque black image. Adding the pre-coated screens option does not add screens to your kit. It adds emulsion to the screens that are already included in your kit.


  • Emulsion – 1 Quart of CCI DXP dual cure emulsion
  • Emulsion Remover – 8 oz bottle of ER/80 screen reclaimer – makes 1 gallon
  • Screen Wash 147 Qt – Cleans plastisol ink from used screens or press
  • Nutralyze Screen Degreaser Qt – cleans the screen of oils and dirt
  • Liquid Renu-It (quart) – is used as a ghost image and stain remover
  • Red Coat Block out (8oz) – is primarily used to fill pin holes on screens
  • CCI Mist Adhesive – is an aerosol spray that tacks garments to printing board
  • 1 - 16oz bottles of ProChem hand cleaner & conditioner - removes ink from skin
  • 1 Chemical resistant spray bottle
  • 3 Blue Scrub Pads
  • Specialty Printing DVD, Covers All Over Prints, Retro Prints, Distressed, Tags & More!

Upgrade Options: For Only $99 Swap out standard chemicals and inks for EnviroLine Chemicals and Water Based Inks, includes 156 Mesh Upgrade & Water Based Training DVD. Click here for more info.

Convenience Pack Upgrade

The screen printing convenience pack is a great way to save time as you start screen printing. Streamline your darkroom with a light safe bulb & exposure calculator, ensure your ink cures with a laser temp gun, and easily cleanup with Crazy Wipes, Citra-Paste Cleaner, Ultimate Cleanup Cards, & gloves!

Retail: $153.19 - Sale $129.99 - Save 15%

Screen Printing 101 Complete Instructional DVD

A $49.99 value with over 5 hours of screen printing lessons and a set of written instructions on how to screen print. Our DVD is taught by our sales staff that has over 100 combined years of screen printing experience. We also offer free technical support with our kits so feel free to call and talk to our staff at any time. Our DVD covers everything including: Art set up in photo shop, Screen set up, advanced printing, clean up and more.

Training Bonus: Take advantage of our special training offer and receive an additional DVD featuring a variety of training clips like how to print a better white, decorating mugs, printing gradient images, advanced color separations, & much more. This DVD is packed full of 2+ hours of bonus footage that you can apply to real world application. Take a glimpse into the future and see how you can grow and expand your printing operation with this DVD.


  • Printing capabilities of 40-70 shirts per hour
  • Average shirt cost of $1.50 - $3.00 per shirt (ShirtSpace.com)
  • Average print cost of $0.05 - $0.35 per shirt
  • Capable of printing professional quality prints

Shipping Note: We do not keep the Win41 press in stock, so there is a short manufacturing time on this press of about 7-10 business days. Please allow at least 2 weeks before delivery, however, we keep the Win44 (Upgrade) in stock. If you upgrade your press in this kit to the 4x4, it will ship within 1 week. This package weighs over 400lbs and ships in one shipping crate.

Contiguous US flat rate shipping charge: $350.00 *Why shipping?