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Pro Bond Application Water Based Pallet Adhesive

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Pro Bond Application Water Based Pallet Adhesive

Pro Bond Application Water Based Pallet Adhesive
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Customer Reviews

Average rating from 2 reviews: 5.0
Long lastingThis stuff is great. It is very watery and thin and easy to spread. I apply it by squirting a small amount on a platen and spread it around with a playing card. Once it dries, it will have a good tackiness that holds onto shirts. Wiping the platen with a moist towel restores the tackiness by removing the fiber buildup. Written by Clark on Tue 8 Jul 2014 9:33:06 AM GMT
ProChem ProBond Not just for shirtsThis is the stuff that you want for your shirts, with out doubt. It works great, as it should, but I use it for making my cutting mats sticky.
I got some of this glue in one of the package silkscreen deals, used it to try my hand as silk screening (need more room), & loved it.
Now I print personal bottle labels & things like that, & use this glue to bring life back to my cutting mats. It has a pretty good life on the mats, & is quite strong (so condition first), even with a thin coating. An additional benefit is that it is a tad over .96 per ounce in the quart size, WAY better than other prices & now you know, it works flawlessly. Even on mats that have some build up, pieces of paper or fabric.
Written by F. Carr on Fri 11 Apr 2014 3:30:02 AM GMT
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Environmentally and user friendly water based belt pallet adhesive. A safe and easy solution to smelly and dangerous aerosol mist adhesives. Unlike mist adhesives, Top Bond Water Based Adhesive can ship via AIR which makes expedited and ocean transport to Hawaii, Alaska, and Puerto Rico MUCH easier and less expensive!

This product is a high quality water based adhesive. As a screen printer's adhesive, PRO BOND is used on the pallet to secure garments for printing and can be sprayed on belt printers.


  • Clean area to be treated, apply Pro BOND by brush, spray or roller, it can also be applied using a plastic ink card. Use full strength or can be diluted one part product up to one part water.
  • When using in a spray application, apply in a quick smooth "S" pattern covering the entire surface. Spray with a hand held spray bottle, electric spray gun or air operated unit.

Best removed with CCAR20 AR-20 Adhesive Remover Adhesive & Tack Remover GAL.


Hi Ryonet Co.
I have just used the Pro Bond palette adhesive for a large production run for the first time, and have to say it's so great to end the day without sticky lungs and a sticky nose from the spray adhesives I was using before! My shop doesn't smell like chemicals, and the stuff just works great and doesn't seem to leave a sticky residue on the inside of the garments - which is fantastic.
Thanks for offering such great products and keeping us in the know!

Graphic Design & Production Manager, Orbit Screen Printing

Absolutely love this product for multiple reasons!  After watching the spray adhesive haze filter through the air in our shop and the constant sticky floors…my concern for our health as well as the environment was alarming.  This product is inexpensive and lasts a very long time!  You really get a high yield from this one bottle.  I haven’t had to buy adhesive in months and we have plenty more to go!  Plus you’re not throwing away tons of spray cans into the landfill.  I can’t say it enough…this is a really great product and one of our best finds so far!  So happy that Ryonet provides so many Earth friendly options!

Deanna Smith & Josh Love – N the Zone INK, Bend, OR   www.NTZINK.com