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Illustrator for Screen Printers & Design Tutorial

Illustrator for Screen Printers & Design Tutorial

Illustrator for Screen Printers & Design Tutorial
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illustrator for screen printersI have learned more from this dvd set in two days than I had previously learned from books, classes and tinkering. It is well worth the price and time spent. Written by Benjamin Cooper on Tue 28 Feb 2012 6:52:50 PM GMT
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Adobe Illustrator has always been a popular artwork program to use for screen printing. Unfortunately there has never really been an in depth training series to show a screen printer how to use Illustrator to its full capacity. Think about it, what good does a powerful and expensive graphic design program do you if you don't know how to use it?  Now, with our new in depth Illustrator for Screen Printers & Design Tutorial, you can unlock the power of Illustrator for screen printing and beyond!

  • 10.3 hours of instruction spread over 101 individual tutorials.
  • Covers CS3- CS5 version features.
  • Includes sample vector artwork from the Maximum Package to use with selected lessons. 
  • Covers Basic Operations, Type, Creative Accelerators, and Production. Everything the screen printer needs to know about Illustrator.
  • Recorded in 1920x1200 resolution so everything is crisp and clear.
  • Meticulously edited so your attention is drawn to the right place and you don't miss anything.
  • Keystrokes are identified on screen.
  • .MOV format for easy viewing on PC or MAC computers.


The goal of each lesson in this collection of tutorials is to go beyond teaching you how to use the tools and how the tools work together. The tutorials also show how to produce highly creative and professional results. This set of tutorials was created for the beginning to intermediate user, covering everything from the basics of how to set up your workspace to how to do clipping masks, blends, wrap text around objects, preparing files for production, and so much more.

Illustrator for Screen Printers highlights techniques that are used everyday in not only producing artistically inspired designs, but in the production process as well. This collection of tutorials will take you from when your creative idea is in your head all the way to making your registration marks and producing your films.

Chapters & Content

Chapter 1 - Setting Up your workspace and Basic Operations
1-01 Setting up your workspace
1-02 How to access the tools
1-03 Working with Images – The Two Basic Ways of Getting Images
1-04 The Selection Tool
1-05 Direct Select Tool, Move Tool, and Precision
1-06 The Star Tool Part 1
1-07 The Star Tool Part 2
1-08 The Basic Shape Tools
1-09 Pen Tool and Stroke Panel Part 1
1-10 Pen Tool Part 2
1-11 Pen Tool Part 3 - Tracing
1-12 The CS5 Stroke Panel
1-13 The Pencil Tool and the Blob Tool
1-14 Layers
1-15 Select Underneath CS5 Only
1-16 The Alignment Function
1-17 The Alignment and Distribute Functions in Detail
1-18 The Scissors Tool
1-19 The Knife Tool
1-20 Erasing Things with the Eraser Tool Part 1
1-21 Eraser + Lasso Tool and Breaking Images Apart
1-22 The Free Transform Tool
1-23 Free Transform Tool and Images
1-24 Introducing Live Trace
1-25 Live Trace Options in Detail
1-26 Live Trace and Photo Realism Part 1
1-27 Complex Background Removal in Photoshop
1-28 Live Trace and Photo Realism Part 2
1-29 CS5 Perspective Drawing
1-30 The Symbol Sprayer Tool

Chapter 2 - Working with Text
2-01 Introduction to the Type Tool
2-02 Fonts
2-03 Type on a Path Tool Part 1
2-04 Type on a Path Tool Part 2
2-05 Type on a Path Tool Part 3
2-06 Type on a Path Tool Part 4
2-07 The Vertical Type Tools and Envelope Warp
2-08 The Area Type Tool
2-09 The Text Wrap Tool
2-10 Complex Text Placement Scenarios
2-11 Using the Area Type Tool and Text Wrap Together
2-12 Adding Interest Easily - Outlining Text
2-13 The Envelope Distort Tool and Making Text Arch
Chapter 3 - Working with Color
3-01 The Basics of Working with Color
3-02 The Direct Select Tool and Select Similar Tool
3-03 The direct Select Tool and Select Same Part 2
3-04 The Magic Wand Tool
3-05 The Eyedropper Tool
3-06 Making Simple Silhouettes
3-07 Slightly Complicated Silhouettes
3-08 Complex Silhouettes Part 1
3-09 Complex Silhouettes Part 2
3-10 Complex Silhouettes Part 3
3-11 Complex Silhouettes Part 4
3-12 Creating Image Negatives
3-13 The Live Paintbucket Tool
3-14 Gradients for Screenprinters

Chapter 4 - Using Illustrator to Accelerate Creativity
4-01 Clipping Masks Part 1
4-02 Clipping Masks Part 2
4-03 The CS5 Draw Behind Mode
4-04 The CS5 Draw Inside Mode
4-05 Pathfinder Part 1 - The Exclude Tool
4-06 Pathfinder Part 2 - Divide, Unite, and Exclude
4-07 Pathfinder Part 3
4-08 Pathfinder Part 4 - Minus Front
4-09 Shape Builder Tool CS5 Only
4-10 Paintbrush Tool - Calligraphic Brush 8:56
4-11 The Scatter Brush Tool 11:28
4-12 The Art Brush and Scatter Brush 7:03
4-13 Pattern Brush Part 1 5:29
4-14 Pattern Brush Part 2 2:53
4-15 The CS5 Bristle Brush
4-16 Make with Mesh
4-17 Make with Top Object
4-18 Introduction to the Transform Tools
4-19 Shadows
4-20 Rotate Tool and Transform Again
4-21 Warp Tools
4-22 The CS5 Variable Width Tool Part 1
4-23 The CS5 Variable Width Tool Part 2
4-24 Effects from the Drop Down Menu
4-25 Introduction to Halftones
4-26 Introduction to Halftone Gradients
4-27 Mesh Tool, Halftone Gradients, and Intersect Tool
4-28 Compound Pathways
4-29 Blends

Chapter 5 - Using Illustrator for Production
5-01 Designing with Templates
5-02 Design Placement on the Shirt
5-03 Basic T-Shirt Design Composition
5-04 Creating JPGs and Using Multiple Artboards to Create a Digital Proof for Your Client
5-05 Recolor Artwork 1
5-06 Recolor Artwork 2
5-07 Transparency
5-08 Resizing Artwork for Production Method 1
5-09 Registration Marks Method 1
5-10 Registration Marks Method 2
5-11 Resizing Method 2 and Registration Method 3
5-12 Color Separations Using Pantone Color
5-13 Creating a Simple Underbase
5-14 Complex Underbase
5-15 Color Separations Without RIP Software