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USED - 4 Color 2 Station Table Top Screen Printing Silver Press™

USED - 4 Color 2 Station Table Top Screen Printing Silver Press™

USED - 4 Color 2 Station Table Top Screen Printing Silver Press™
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The 4 Color 2 Station Table Top Screen Printing Press is a great entry level press for someone who is looking to get started in screen printing. Unlike most table top presses, this four color press has two rotating stations. A two station press gives you the ability to have a printing station and a drying station. On a one station screen printing press production can be slowed down tremendously because of having to wait for the flash dryer or for the pallet to cool down after the flash. A two station press cuts down the wait time because while you're continuing to print another shirt the opposite pallet is being flashed.

While this press doesn't have micro registration, it can be used for finer detail printing once the job is aligned and it holds true registration throughout the course of a job. As you can see from the pictures below, the registration gates hold the arm snug to minimize side to side movement and to insure that the screen hits the same spot on the shirt every time. The arm of the press also features a location pin which helps to lock the arm in place while in the printing position.

4 Color 2 Station Silver Press™
Features & Benefits:
* Sturdy aluminum construction for a durable rust free design.
* Advanced Registration Gate  Adjustable like presses 5x it's price! Hold perfect registration print after print!
* Off Contact and Tilt Adjustment Bracket  This allows you to set the off contact and tilt of your screen for optimal printing on almost any substrate. (see picture below)
* Heavy Duty Screen Clamp - Flat Bar for extra clamping on screen surface area! Easy tightening knobs! Another critical point is the square back to the clamp. This allows screens to sit flush against the clamp reducing the possibility of slipping registration!
* Heavy duty Gas Shocks - Makes this press super smooth and will support 23x31" frames! Up to 2 Simultaneously
* Center Bearing - Rotates more smooth than any press on the market!!
* 16x16" Neck Platen for easy shirt alignment!
* Easy Assembly - mounts to any table or bench with just a couple screws.
* Made in America view here.

(view in high quality by clicking HQ on the bottom right of the video)

Ryonet's Silver Press™ offers several benefits and advantages over other four color screen printing presses on the market!

Press Dimensions.
Press Length. Roughly 5' Long (with screens)
Base Pedestal: 13" Wide, 31" Long

The press weighs about 100 lbs and ships in multiple boxes from Washington State. Ship time ranges between 4-8 days ground in the contiguous US. Typically presses ship out within 2-4 business days from the time the order is placed.

Contiguous US flat rate shipping charge: $75.00 *Why shipping?