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ROQ (formerly S.Roque) YOU Automatic Screen Printing Press

ROQ (formerly S.Roque) YOU Automatic Screen Printing Press

ROQ (formerly S.Roque) YOU Automatic Screen Printing Press
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We are in LoveI am the owner of JAK'd Up Tees in Edmond, Oklahoma. We just purchased the SROQUE YOU M 6 Color, 8 Sation Automatic press from Ryonet. We are in love. This machine is so easy to operate, extremely quiet, and lightning fast. This press is simply awesome! I would not trade this machine for anything. We absolutely love working with Ryonet. The SROQUE press plus Ryonet service is an absolute grand slam in our book. Thank you guys for everything, looking forward to a long, and exciting relationship with you guys. Written by Jak'd Up Tees on Tue 2 Apr 2013 7:50:41 PM GMT
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An automatic screen printing press that's built for YOU. The ROQ YOU Automatic Press is an ideal press for anyone looking to grow a screen printing operation. Whether it's your first automatic screen printing press, your second, or your fifth the ROQ RoqPrint You is ready to tackle small to large operations. The You combines high performance technology, a durable and dependable structure and attractive body to create the most advanced entry level automatic press on the market.  Available in the M format as a 6 or 8 color with a 16x20" print area and the XL 10 to 16 color with up to a 28x39" print area with features like all service index and print heads, print and peel heads, integrated flash and 1000+ print speeds per hour this press will shurely Roq You!
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  • Available up to 16 colors and 18 pallets
  • Honey-comb aluminum pallets
  • Squeegees with pneumatic or electric movement on evey print head
  • Individual command functions on all print heads
  • Lateral frame pressing S.R. system
  • Print heads central elevation (MC)
  • Electro-mechanic rotation system
  • Individual print and flood controls for speed, height, angle and stroke length
  • Print heads with high-lift position for quick and easy frame cleaning
  • Central command with LCD touch screen
  • Maximum print area: 16'' x 20'' (M) | 20'' x 28'' (XL)
  • Printing speed and flooding regulated individually
  • Placement of flash cure under the print head
  • Maximum production pieces per hour: 1050 (M) | 1000 (XL)
  • Laser markers
  • Compatible with vacuum suction pallets
  • Choice of pneumatic screen holder: "U" clamp or pin systems
  • Power and control connections for flash are built into machine base
sRoque YOU Automatic Screen Printing Press

sRoque Quick Release System
Pallets quick release system
sRoque Flash Cure Printhead
Flash cure under the printhead
sRoque Squeegee and Flood Bar Quick Release
Squeegee and flood bar quick release

sRoque Individual Command Functions on all Printheads
Individual command functions on all printheads

sRoque Lateral Frame Pressing S.R. System
Lateral frame pressing S.R. system

sRoque Central LCD Touch Screen
Central LCD touch screen

P08 M P10 M P12 XL P14 XL P16 XL P18XL
Machine Diameter: 11.64' 12.92' 17.06' 17.72' 19.19' 20.67'
Stations: 8 10 12 14 16 18
Platens (colors): 6 8 10 12 14 16
Paten Type: Honeycomb Aluminum Platens
Maximum Image Size: 16" x 20" 16" x 20" *20" x 28" *20" x 28" *20" x 28" *20" x 28"
Maximum Frame Size: 23" x 33"
Max Production (pieces/hr): 1050 1050 1000 1000 1000 1000
Air Consumption (7 bar/102 psi): 12CFM @101psi 14CFM @101psi 15CFM @101psi 16CFM @101psi 17CFM @101psi 18CFM @101psi
* 28" x 39" in double index