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Epson 1430 BLACKMAX Ultimate Film Output System
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Epson 1430 BLACKMAX Ultimate Film Output System

Epson 1430 BLACKMAX Ultimate Film Output System
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Print high quality opaque films up to 13x19" wide and have the ability to print half tone gradients with the BLACKMAX™ Output System! This one of a kind Epson 1430 Film Output system reigns king of the world of rip combo and inkjet film printers! While most inkjet film output printers only pull from one black cartridge or cumbersome bulk systems, the BLACKMAX™ system incorporates all Epson 1430 6 cartridges at once for maximum density and ink conservation. All Epson printers cyclically do head cleanings to insure that the ink nozzles are free of any clogs. Head cleanings are often more prevalent when the printer is printing the majority of one cartridge and not utilizing the others. While this is great for the print head, it wastes costly ink in the process. Many of our customers have complained when using the Epson R1800 printer they are continuing to replace expensive color cartridges they are not even using. They also have to constantly replace one single cartridge of black ink that only holds 18ml's of ink. Ryonet's BLACKMAX™ system solves all of these problems.
We've partnered the BLACKMAX™ ink system with our special AccuRip software which directs the printer to draw equally from each cartridge. Six 18ml cartridges load the Epson 1430 printer with a lethal arsenal of dye based ink producing maximum opacity films (when using Ryonet's affordable Water Proof Rite Film. Including close to 110ml of black ink, 200 sheets of film, an AccuRip software that rivals none, this system includes everything you need to print opaque films and halftones in house! Get a step up on your competition and become a BLACKMAX™ user today! BLACKMAX™ replacement cartridge cost: $25 Per Cartridge, compare to FastInk!

The Epson R1430 BLACKMAX™ System Includes
• Epson R1430 Printer - 13" Wide Printer
• 6 Cartridges of Black Ink BLACKMAX™ Black Ink for the Epson R1430 (add 2nd set)
• AccuRIP™ - Software, Crisp Halftones, Perfect Registration
• Rite Film - 100 13"x19" Sheets, Fast Dry Time, Waterproof (Required)
• Rite Film - 100 8.5"x14" Sheets, Fast Dry Time, Waterproof (Required)
• USB Cable - 6' USB Cable
• Educational DVDS - 4 Color Process and Specialty Printing DVD
• Instructions - detailed instructions and free tech support through Ryonet and AccuRip!

AccuRIP™ is a PostScript interpreter called a Raster Image Processor or RIP. Without PostScript it is impossible to print high-quality halftone dots on a "non-PostScript" inkjet printer such as an Epson. Even if your printer has PostScript, it may not be able to print halftone dots because PostScript is often just used to calibrate and balance colors on an inkjet. The Epson "RIP" does not print halftone dots, but AccuRIP™ does!

AccuRIP™ works with the following Epson Printers: Artisan 50, Artisan 1430, Workforce 1100 & 1110, R280, R285, R290, 1390, 1400, 1410, 1500W, R1800, R1900, R2000, R2400, R3000, T-3000, T-5000, T-7000, 3800, 3880, 4000, 4450, 4800, 4880, 4900, 7000, 7600, 7700, 7800, 7890, 7900, 9450, 9600, 9700, 9800, 9880, 9890, 9900, 10600, 11880 and PM G4500. This means that in the future when you may need a new printer or larger format you DON'T have to buy new software!

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Rite Film is the ultimate in waterproof positive technology. We've tested this film extensively ourselves along with several large screen printers throughout the country. The results have been outstanding. This 4 mil thick specially formulated film is ideal for optimum density, drying time, halftone shape, image clarity, and longevity. Rite Film works with both pigment and dye based inks. Available ONLY from Ryonet. Using an Epson printer for film output requires Waterproof films.

Epson Stylus™ Color R1430


Four Color Process Instructional DVD.
In this DVD we will:
• Discuss the parameters of four color process printing
• Discuss half tones, what they are and how to correctly use them
• Explain half tone angles and the type of half tone dots to use on your images
• Discuss how to properly separate a four color process image
• Cover the printing of process films through a RIP software program
• Demonstrate proper screen registration and printing techniques
• Conclude with final pointers and valuable tips

Specialty printing DVD
In this DVD we will cover:
• Printing Distressed Shirts, Allover, Blends, Wraparound, Artwork, & Tags
• Using Photoshop techniques to create retro designs
• The best methods for exposing a screen for retro printing
• How to create a soft hand to your prints using plastisol inks
• The best methods for reducing and curing your inks.

NOTE: All newer model Epson Printers require Waterproof Films

IN STOCK: Ships from Washington & Arkansas

Consumer note: Epson 1430 BlackMax™ Ink Cartridges are color coated to insure proper placement in print. PLEASE NOTE: there is BLACK ink within the cartridge through a color is labeled on the top of it. You must use AccuRip software in order to print all black ink w/ this cartridge system. To re-order please visit www.silkscreeningsupplies.com



Ryonet Software Operating Compatibility Chart (Know Your System!)


Windows XP

Vista/ Windows 7 32bit

Vista/ Windows 7 64bit












Spot Process





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