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Epson 4800 Refurbished Blackmax Rip Combo - ALL BLACK 17" Wide
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Epson 4800 Refurbished Blackmax Rip Combo - ALL BLACK 17" Wide

Epson 4800 Refurbished Blackmax Rip Combo - ALL BLACK 17" Wide
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$3,295.00 Reg.
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AccuRIP or FastRIP
If you prefer FastRIP over the recommended AccuRIP add $300
Add Fastfilms
Add Color Separtion Software and SAVE $200
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It's your lucky day! Ryonet has been able to secure a limited supply of slightly used Epson 4800 printers. The 4800 was the predecessor to the 4880 we currently sell and is widely known in the industry for being a reliable workhorse! New these printers sold for $1995 which is the same price the 4880 printer sells for now. Ryonet has tested and refurbished the printers as well as given them a in house 90 Day Warranty. The great thing about the 4800 is it works in a roll format with bulk ink. If you haven't used a roll format printer before, once you do, you'll never go back! A 17" wide roll printer not only allows you to go wider, but it saves you film because the printer automatically cuts the film to your desired length. Also if all your separations at once (through Illustrator or Corel) AccuRip will automatically nest images on a page if the canvas size fits more then one in a 17" area! New this package sold for $3295. With this $1300 savings, you may not have to wait as long as you thought to get yourself into printing high quality BLACK films in a 17" roll format.


ADD an extra pack of Epson 4800 Blackmax Ink NOW and SAVE!
Add On for ONLY $489 (Reg: $552)
(be safe, don't run out and have to overnight something at the last minute!)

The Refurbished BLACKMAX 4800 Film Output System Includes
 Refurbished Epson 4800 Printer - 17" Wide Sheet or Roll Format Printer - A 17" Wide format gives you more functionality and allows you to print larger designs for signs and allover prints without having to tile!

  •  8 Cartridges of Black Ink BLACKMAX Black Ink for the Epson 4800 (110ml Each)
    • Compatible with US model printers
  •  AccuRIP - Software, Crisp Halftones, Perfect Registration
  •  R-Film - 100' of 17" Wide Film, Fast Dry Time, Waterproof (Required)

AccuRIP™ is a PostScript interpreter called a Raster Image Processor or RIP. Without PostScript it is impossible to print high-quality halftone dots on a "non-PostScript" inkjet printer such as an Epson. Even if your printer has PostScript, it may not be able to print halftone dots because PostScript is often just used to calibrate and balance colors on an inkjet. The Epson "RIP" does not print halftone dots, but AccuRIP™ does!

AccuRIP™ works with the following Epson Printers: 50, 280, 285, 290, 515, 1100, 1110, 1390, 1400, 1410, 1800, 1900, 2400, 3800, 3880, 4000, 4450, 4800, 4880 and 4900 models. This means that in the future when you may need a new printer or larger format you DON'T have to buy new software!

AccuRIP™ (EX) works with the following Epson Printers: 7000, 7600, 7700, 7800, 7880, 7890, 7900, 9450, 9600, 9700, 9800, 9880, 9890, 9900, 10600, 11880 and PM G4500.

See how it works here (this video is for the 1400, but the 4800 works the same way!)

R-Film Waterproof - Tried, Tested, and True R-Film is the ultimate in waterproof positive technology. We've tested this film extensively ourselves along with several large screen printers throughout the country. The results have been outstanding. This 4 mil thick specially formulated film is ideal for optimum density, drying time, halftone shape, image clarity, and longevity. R-Film works with both pigment and dye based inks. Available ONLY from Ryonet. Using an Epson printer for film output requires Waterproof films.

Refurbished Epson 4800 Printer

  • Refurbished by Ryonet, includes a 90 Day Warranty
  • Max Printer width 17" and comes with auto cutter.
  • Software & Driver can be downloaded at www.epson.com
  • In pretty good condition, minimal use.
  • System Requirements: Mac or PC

  • The Epson 4800 is known as a workhorse throughout the photo, digital transfer, and screen print industry. This printer was built to last and performs optimally when loaded with all black ink for film output!

NOTE: All newer model Epson Printers require Waterproof Films

IN STOCK: Ships from Washington via Freight

Consumer note: Epson 4800 BlackMax Ink Cartridges may be color coated to insure proper placement in print. PLEASE NOTE: there is BLACK ink within the cartridge through a color is labeled on the top of it. You must use AccuRip software in order to print all black ink w/ this cartridge system. To re-order please visit www.silkscreeningsupplies.com

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