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Four Color Screen Printing Silver Press™

Four Color Screen Printing Silver Press™

Four Color Screen Printing Silver Press™
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$450.00 Reg.
$399.99 Sale
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Ryonet’s Silver Press Cart is a portable and a sturdy place to mount your press in addition to storing creens and supplies. Save $30 when purchasing with a Silver Press.

Customer Reviews

Average rating from 2 reviews: 5.0
My first job paid for this press...I am new to the screen printing business, but feel I have quickly taken hold of the art and have carved out a small niche for myself using this Silverpress. The construction was very solid and the until was small enough to fit in an unused room in my house. This solid piece of equipment was paid for after one job of one color shirts. If you are looking to get into the business, this is the perfect press to experiment with. Get yourself one 30-40 one color job and this unit is paid for. If you love screenprinting, this press will continue to work perfect. If you find it is not your cup of tea...no worries, the unit is paid for. I have purchased the micro registration and have yet to intrall them. I expect them to work as slick as the press itselt. Match this unit with the 18" BBC Flash Dryer unit and you have a flash and flash cure setup that will take you a long way. I am currently saving the revenue I am making to purchase a conveyer dryer, but in the meantime the one-two punch of the silver press and 18" flash dryer has me making professional shirts for which I am able to command a good price. Written by Erik Thompsen on Mon 1 Aug 2011 1:31:36 AM GMT
Last year, my husband came up with this great idea for a t shirt, and being total Newbies to screen printing, we dove right in trying to produce them. We ordered "plans" for a home made press off the internet and thought we were up and running. Those of you who print for a living are laughing right now arent you? Needless to say, we had PROBLEMS from the start. The registration was almost non existent and no one even bothered to tell us about things like "off contact". Eventually we knew we were gonna have to try something different or quit all together....and I have fallen in love with this business/art....so quitting wasn't an option. THEN WE FOUND RYONET AND THIS 4 COLOR SILVER PRESS! I wish we had known about them from day 1! We purchased the 101 DVD and watched it like we were havin' movie night. No wonder we had been unsuccessful! This video SAVED us. We also purchased the 4 color silver press and haven't looked back since. I can easily turn out orders for 200 t shirts (we're still a small operation) and I don't have any doubts about what I'm doing. We would never have been able to do this without Ryonet or their great press and instructional dvd. I look forward to learning more from them and the great thing about this press is WE CAN ADD TO IT as our business grows! I don't believe you will find a better machine on the market in this price range. FABULOUS! And don't get me started on the WONDERFUL customer service dept. they have....second to none. Thank you guys for getting our business up and running....the right way! Written by Belinda Cooley (B Cool Designs) on Thu 19 May 2011 9:57:01 PM GMT
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Welcome to the world where quality meets an affordable price! The 4 Color Screen Printing Silver Press™ opens doors never realized before in the screen printing startup market! You don't have to buy an expensive press to be able to print quality designs! The Silver Press™ is the best entry level screen printing presses on the market which we stand behind with a lifetime warranty. Now you don't have to trade quality for price, whether you're just starting out or expanding from a one color press, the four color Silver screen printing press can help you succeed! Check out it's incredible features below.

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4 Color 1 Station Silver Press™
Features & Benefits:
Sturdy aluminum construction for a durable rust free design.
Advanced Registration Gate Adjustable like presses 5x it's price! Hold perfect registration print after print!
Off Contact and Tilt Adjustment Bracket This allows you to set the off contact and tilt of your screen for optimal printing on almost any substrate. (see picture below)
Heavy Duty Screen Clamp - Flat Bar for extra clamping on screen surface area! Easy tightening knobs! Another critical point is the square back to the clamp. This allows screens to sit flush against the clamp reducing the possibility of slipping registration!
Heavy duty Gas Shocks - Makes this press super smooth and will support 23x31" frames! Up to 2 Simultaneously
Center Bearing - Rotates more smooth than any press on the market!!
16x16" Neck Platen for easy shirt alignment!
Easy Assembly - mounts to any table or bench with just a couple screws.
Limited Lifetime Warranty view here.

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Press Dimensions.
Press Length. Roughly 4' Long (with screens)
Base Pedestal: 13" Wide, 18" Long

Shipping Note: This Press Currently ships from Washington and averages a 4-8 business day delivery.


Print with the pros by upgrading your Silver Press™ with micro registration! Adding micro registration allows you to align high detail multi-color designs with ease and flexibility. This simple to attach system allows for 1" micro movement on the X-Y axes.

How does it work? The micro registration unit securely attaches between the screen arm and screen clamp. To unlock the registration the operator simply loosens the two knobs on top of the unit. Once free you can easily adjust registration by using the easy grip knobs which allow for precise movement. As you look down through the screen you can see the job come into registration, once aligned, tighten the top knobs and your registration will lock into place and hold tight through the job! Keep in mind, the Silver Press™ Micro Registration attachment also gives you an extra 1" flexibility front to back and left and right for a little more leeway in your screen alignment.


  • Made in the USA.
  • Manufactured from high quality aluminum components.
  • Easy to install.
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty view here.

    SIDE CLAMP UPGRADE. $119 Per Color (reg. $129)

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    Side clamps add versatility, stability, and flexibility to your screen printing press. Side clamps also give the screen printing press the capability to fit a roller frame. Side clamps are also great to use if you are swapping out frames between an automatic and manual press.

    Frame Sizes. Fit up to a 23" wide frame.
    Installation. Easily bolt onto the Silver Press™ Off Contact / Tilt Bracket. (Side clamp kit also includes a heavier duty shock.)
    Warranty. Limited Lifetime view here.

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