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301C Clear Base for Water Based PC Pantone System Qt (Additional Sizes)

301C Clear Base for Water Based PC Pantone System Qt (Additional Sizes)

301C Clear Base for Water Based PC Pantone System Qt (Additional Sizes)
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This product is no longer avaialble. View Green Galaxy Clear Core

Clear 301C Base - A clear binder base for use on white and light colored fabrics. Can be printed through a high mesh count screen up to 305 which will produce an ultra soft hand. Mix 5-10% pigment to binder by weight. Clear 301C Base is used mainly in the PC color matching system (you can download the color matching system below) along with the Matte 301M Base & the PC Pigments.

Finally, a water based ink that is easy to print and environmentally friendly is now available from SilkScreeningSupplies.com!

Ryonets new OP White EnviroLine Water Based Ink (By Matsui) is specifically designed for manual water based screen printing as well as todays high speed automatic screen printing presses. This EnviroLine Opaque White offers advantages over the traditional plastisol inks and are superior to other water base ink systems currently being used in textile shops. Please read our directions for use below.

Opaque White is an "READY FOR USE" inks that can be used directly out of the container without adding any pigments, binders, or extenders to the ink! It is typically used as a direct white or underbase white on dark garments. It can be over printed with the RC EnviroLine inks.

Opaque White is thicker then your average water based ink and needs to be printed slightly differently. Use a lot of ink on the screen and remember to back flood. The more ink that you use on your screen and during your back flood the less likely the ink is to dry out and the easier it is to print. Always keep a spray bottle handy to mist the ink if it starts to stiffen up. Use Sprayway Water Based Screen Opener to open up stuck designs.

Advantages Of Enviro-Line Water Based Inks:
Free of most environmentally damaging chemicals such as PVC, phthalate, heavy metals, azo compounds, nonylphenol and formaldehyde. (Note: Discharge inks do use formaldehyde and must be handled differently)
Ability to use wide range of mesh counts up to 300+
Exceptionally soft hand
Intense pigment colors
Ease of use and breath ability of the ink on fabric
Ability to achieve entire Pantone Color range using our 14 basic Pantone colors
Formulated for tack free enhanced screen stability which prevents in screen drying and allows for faster and cleaner prints.

When using Enviro-Line Water Based Inks, you'll need to use a water resistant emulsion like SWR-3. If you do not use this type of emulsion then your stencil will break down prematurely and you'll have to setup your screen all over again. If you're just getting into screen printing, you may consider getting a complete Chemical Starter Kit for Water Based Inks. For all of Ryonet's Enviro-Line products click on the pictures below.

Confused about water based and discharge inks?
Here are a few helpful application charts.
Water Based Ink Type EnviroLine
WB Inks
DSPS Discharge Discharge White PC Pigments 301 Inks
Garment Capability 100% Cotton & Poly Blend 100% Cotton 100% Cotton N/A
Environmental Friendly Very Slight Impact Slight Impact Mixed With:
Discharge: Some
Pantone Matching Yes No No Yes
Required Additives None:
Ready for use.
Discharge Agent Discharge Agent Must be used with a base or discharge binder.
Color Additives PC Colors for color boosts PC Colors N/A Can be used with RC Inks, PC Bases, or Discharge Binders
Mixing Ratios PC Pigments as a color boost up to 15% Agent:
PC Ink: 5-15%
See Instructions
Underbase Options RC Transparent Opaque White Discharge Discharge White Used as an under base Used as an under base When mixing with discharge, no underbase needed.

Application Type Of Water Base System Mesh
Pantone Color Match EnviroLine 301 RC WB Inks 156-280
Paper / Cardboard EnviroLine 301 RC WB Inks 230-305
Towels / Canvas EnviroLine 301 RC WB Inks 86-110
Light Garments
(100% or Blend)
EnviroLine 301 RC WB Inks 156-230
Opaque Results on Dark Garments
(100% or Blend)
EnviroLine 301 RC WB Inks w/ Opaque White Water Based Ink White: 110-156 Color: 156-230
Soft Hand on Dark Garments
(100% Cotton)
1. Discharge w/ RC Color Overprint
2. Discharge White w/ RC Color Overprint
3. Dye Discharge w/ PC Pigment
Vintage Look and Feel 1. RC WB Ink on Light or Dark.
2. Direct Discharge
3. Dye Discharge
156-200 Discharge: 110-156

Directions for use. Ryonet will soon release a comprehensive DVD covering all aspects of water base and discharge screen printing.

For use on cotton, poly/cotton blend, paper.

MESH: 80 to 305 (156-200 Mesh for most fabrics, 230-280 for fine detail, 230-305 for paper)

STENCIL/EMULSION: A water proof direct emulsion should be used for optimal performance. SWR-3.

SQUEEGEE: 60-80 Durometer square edge. (Ryonet recommends 60 or 70 Durometer)

PRINTING: For best performance heat the pallets to 140 degrees F. before printing. Heating your pallets will help retain the ink on the garment and allow for wet on wet printing without flashing in between. For light color fabric use Matsui ECO-Series RC through a high mesh screen. For dark colored fabric the use of 301 Transparent White as an under-base. For a softer hand use Matsuis DSPS Discharge (see under basing below). Screens should be flooded if printing is stopped for any period of time. When loading water base ink into your screens, use a good amount of ink in order to insure the ink doesn't dry in your screen. Print with a pull stroke for best results. Back flood screen with a lot of ink gently so ink is not pressed through the design. You shouldn't be able to see your screen or image through your back flood.

Under Basing: For dark garments EnviroLine Water Based RC Inks can be under based with transparent or opaque White RC Ink, flashed, and over printed with RC color wet on wet or with flashing. An under base can also be accomplished by printing discharge ink which discharges the dye from the fabric, flashing, and over printing wet on wet w/ RC Ink. For the ultimate brilliance and soft hand results try our premixed White Discharge which has white pigment mixed in into the discharge leaving a discharged white under base. View our discharge inks here.

DRYING/CURING: The 301 Enviro-Series ink must be cured for 2.5 to 3 minutes at 300 to 320 degrees F under typical infrared heat.

Curing Options: Water based inks cure differently from standard plastisol inks. While plastisol inks cure with infrared once reaching 320 degrees, water based inks cure best with air movement and heat. Air movement is preferred to drive water out of the ink and blow away steam so heat can cure water base pigment properly. Without hot air movement across the ink, water based inks will take much longer to cure. In good air flow, water based inks can cure in under 1 minute while it may take 2.5 to 3 minutes in a standard infrared dryer. (Paper can be allowed to air dry)


Level Method Picture Process
Basic Heat Gun

Heat guns actually work fairly well for curing low quantities of water base prints. Hot air from the gun forces water from the ink and curing can actually be seen as the ink dries.
Starter Infrared Flash

IR flashes work marginally well. Take shirt off pallet, raise flash head up 4-5 inches above the shirt, cure for 2-3 minutes until ink is temped at 320 degrees. Wash test before production.
Intermediate Infrared Conveyor

IR conveyors work decent for low quantity production. Raise conveyor gates to allow steam to exit dryer, bump temp down slightly, slow belt speed down, allow to dwell 2-3 minutes.
Professional Forced Air Flash

Forced air is preferred for lower production or flashing. For a final cure, lift shirt from pallet to allow air to circulate under the garment. Cure for 60-90 seconds. Conduct Wash Tests.
Production Air Flow Conveyor Dryer

Optimal for WB Inks, air flow gas or IR dryers can cure in 60-90 seconds depending on chamber length. Air knifes remove water from ink and IR or Gas heat cure garment.

CLEAN UP: Card off excessive ink and dispose of in trash. Use Sprayway Water Base Screen Opener to break down ink then wipe residue from screens, screen frames, squeegees and any surfaces in contact with ink. Left over residue can also be washed in the sink with water after soaking.

View and download EnviroLine RC MSDS Sheets.