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QuickBooks for Screen Printers Resource Guide

QuickBooks for Screen Printers Resource Guide

QuickBooks for Screen Printers Resource Guide
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Average rating from 1 reviews: 4.0
Well worth it!We purchased this pack to go with our version of QuickBooks Pro, and for the most part, it works great. Our bank had a tough time synching up with our version of QuickBooks, but that doesn't have anything to do with this expansion pack. The pack helps get you up and running QUICKLY with QuickBooks. Tutorial videos help you with all phases of the program while an estimating calculator helps you quote correctly. Templates are helpful for presentation to the clients as well. All of these things are great, but not as great as the fact that all products are numbers and fall into their own accounts, which are all set up for you already. Wonderful time saver and helps the beginner become an expert in an expedited fashion. Written by Brian Giggey on Thu 13 Oct 2011 1:18:01 AM GMT
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What's the Quickbooks for Screen Printers Resource Guide?
Most small business owners don’t know how to maximize the full potential of QuickBooks and end up wasting hours of time learning how to use it. Ryonet’s exclusive solution for printers combines the power of QuickBooks with the knowledge to effectively run your business. Ryonet’s President, Ryan Moor, and Ryonet's CPA, Andrew Lee, have combined their years of QuickBooks experience and created this resource guide specifically for the screen printing industry which makes learning QuickBooks easier than ever before.

*Compatible up through Quickbooks 2013

     Check out additional videos below to see how the QuickBooks and the Screen Printers Resource Guide help you get the most value out of QuickBooks

*Attention Users:
This is a resource guide not a software package. You must have a version of QuickBooks in order to operate. Ryonet is not a QuickBooks software support center and all questions concerning the software program should be directed to Intuit.

I like the stuff you are doing, I've been screen printing for 15 years now and I am still learning things. Your QuickBooks resource guide is the best, the tutorials explain QuickBooks so that you can understand it really easy. Thanks for your help!
— Bob McElroy T's

QuickBooks for Screen Printers Resource Guide Includes:

 Pre-built company files loaded with a proper chart of accounts, part numbers, pricing, vendors and templates.

  • Over 30 tutorial videos (in QuickTime format) covering:
    • Estimates, Invoicing, Receiving Payments, Deposits, Purchase Orders, Receiving Inventory, Inventory Control, Paying Bills, Writing Checks, Sales Tax, Banking, Bank Reconciliation, Chart of Accounts, Customer Management, Reports and much more.
  • A T-Shirt Pricing Calculator (for MS Excel) helps make estimating and costing jobs fast and easy.
  • Ready to use QuickBooks test file, which can be imported to your version of QuickBooks and show you how to properly configure a file. 
  • Test import files for current quickbooks users.
  • Excel templates for pricing updates.
  • Advanced tutorials, interactive Q&A and pricing updates.
As a new screen printer and small business owner with limited budget and time, I am very aware of the countless hours I have spent developing business tools such as invoices and pricing lists along with blank templates for customers. Items were inconsistent and disorganized on my computer and I knew QuickBooks was a program that would help me. After loading QuickBooks onto my computer, I quickly realized I would need to spend additional valuable time away from production to set up the program and learn how to use it. The next day, I received an email from Ryonet introducing the QuickBooks for Screen Printers Resource Guide and I purchased it the same day. QuickBooks for Screen Printers Resource Guide instantly saved me at least 20 hours of data entry by using the pre-built company profiles, pricing lists and templates. Additionally, the tutorial videos walked me through the program step by step and saved me  hours, not to mention the frustration of learning a new program. I feel the QuickBooks for Screen Printers Expansion Package immediately paid for itself and is a value tool for my business. Once again, the Ryonet team listened to the market’s input and developed an outstanding product that gives screen printers more time to do what is important.
— Curtis Piantes, Owner, My Team Sports

We’ve spent hours creating tutorials and content for this special expansion package to save you hours learning and building QuickBooks! Invest upfront in your knowledge in QuickBooks by taking advantage of this Quickbooks Screen Printers Resource Guide and enjoy the rewards for years to come.

*QuickBooks for Screen Printers Resource Guide is available in DVD format and users need to have a DVD compatible drive in order to open the files associated with the program.


I am trying to load/open the company TEST startup file in QuickBooks, but it is not opening. What do I do?

Remember to save the file to a place on your desktop, computer or local server in order for QuickBooks to access it.  QuickBooks needs a live connection, because as soon as you open the file within the program it starts to change it. It will not open from the disc location.

How do I import a previous version of QuickBooks to a newer version?
The test files included in this resource guide were created in previous versions of QB, follow the directions on the final tutorial included in the Resource Guide entitled "30 Converting Your Old Quickbooks" 

I use or am thinking about using QuickBooks online? 
There is a TEST conversion file built for QuickBooks online. Likewise, if you are already running QuickBooks and want to take it online, you can convert your current info to the online format at any time.  The online version of QuickBooks is a lot different so the training videos included in the expansion package will slightly vary. 

If I purchase QuickBooks Pro now can I upgrade to Premier later?
Yes, you can upgrade a Pro version of QuickBooks to a Premier version by calling Intuit.

I am already running QuickBooks and want to take advantage of all the other information in the Resource Package, but want to maintain my current company file.
Start by watching the tutorials in imports (tutorial 23 & 24).  The Resource Pack includes current TEST import files for industry part numbers, vendors and QuickBooks templates. If you do not feel comfortable using QuickBooks then it is a very good investment. If you feel that you are using QuickBooks proficiently than your probably don't need the resources included in this package. 

How many users can you have using QuickBooks at the same time?
QuickBooks Pro and Premier allow up to five simultaneous users. If you plan on having multiple users connect to the software at a time, you’ll need to set up a server in order to store the company file in a centralized place.

Can this app create a work order for screen printing?
QuickBooks Premier allows you to create work in progress, called sales orders.  Sales orders are open orders that are being produced. When the order is shipped or delivered it turns into an invoice and you can collect payment. You can easily pull reports that will show all the work in progress in your shop, the due date and what’s on the schedule to print next.  QuickBooks Pro does not have this ability.

Can this app create a schedule and breakdown for times etc.?
QuickBooks Premier can track time for employees and associate that time for a sales order or job. Most printers and companies do not use this due to the amount of maintenance and work it takes to keep it accurate. It is, however, a very powerful tool when used correctly.

How often should I backup my QuickBooks?
The backup function is located under the FILE tab in QuickBooks. It is recommend that you backup as often as possible; we recommend storing backups in a fire safe on a jump drive or backup hard drive.  Intuit also can store your backup files at a minimal cost. Reference the help menu or the backup menu under the FILE tab for more information.

Does Quickbooks for Screen Printers also work with FastManager?
Yes, FastManager does work with those versions of QuickBooks. We are completely integrated with FastManager—allowing all customers, invoices, payments and purchase orders to be synchronized between FastManager’s productivity tools and the accounting tools offered in QuickBooks.

Does QuickBooks for Screen Printers also offer information for heat pressing, embroidery etc?
Yes. Although several inventory vendor templates included in the software are specific to the screen printing industry, you can generate custom reports based on your type of business and still use invoice and other essential accounting functions from the software.

Is there a demo of this version?
QuickBooks does offer a trial of some of their software platforms. QuickBooks for Screen Printers is not available in a trial because once you have the disc you have all of the information.  Ryonet offers a 100% money back guarantee on the package. However, if you use it and decide it is not worth its weight in gold in 30 days, we’ll give you all of your money back from the Extension Package. We have not had anyone take us up on this offer to date.

What is the average shop size (number of users) that this software is designed for?
Up to five authorized users are allowed.

Are there built-in features specific to screen printing in the QuickBooks application?
Yes. The exclusive version of QuickBooks for Screen Printers has vendor information, part numbers and other screen-printing specific information already loaded. Additionally, there are several templates that your business office will need to run smoothly and track costs and profit.

How does it work for processing orders? Does it have production calendars and art detail windows for ink colors, mesh counts, print color order, flash times etc?
You can put as much DATA on the estimate or work order/sales order as you need.  QuickBooks does not provide an intricate form to use within the program, there are some edit capable forms you can use for this in PDF form that come with the Resource Package as well.