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DIY PRINT SHOP™ Original T-Shirt Screen Printing Kit  MADE TO MAKE IT™

DIY PRINT SHOP™ Original T-Shirt Screen Printing Kit MADE TO MAKE IT™

DIY PRINT SHOP™ Original T-Shirt Screen Printing Kit  MADE TO MAKE IT™
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$249.99 Reg.
$199.99 Sale
Type of Kit
Add Heat Gun for Faster Ink Curing?
Add More Inks and 1 Extra Screen?
Expansion Pack contents: Pints of Water Based Comet White, Black, Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, and Purple. Wood 16x20 156 Screen
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Customer Reviews

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Great kit to get startedThis is an awesome kit. I love it! It was shipped quickly and I received it in a few days. I've already printed a few shirts and people seem to like them. This is a great purchase if you're wanting to start a name/brand for yourself or just for fun. I had no problems with anything after watching the DVD, I was able to do everything in my living room and bathroom. I recommend this to anyone! Written by KDawg on Thu 4 Dec 2014 9:34:39 PM GMT
Dissapointing qualityIt looks great in the picture, but the quality of that parts you'll receive leaves something to be desired.
The scoop coater won't stay together, the plastic end caps just fall off. The ends of the aluminum extrusion has a sharp burr on one end from being cut, this burr is sharp enough to cut your screen when trying to coat it. I had to polish it with fine sand paper.
The screen frame is poorly made, not smooth, has a lot of wood fuzz from machining it. It's not the one pictured.

Over all, It's an ok kit, but keep in mind that the quality isn't what is claimed.
Written by Jon on Fri 31 Oct 2014 2:22:36 PM GMT
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Every Starter Kit now includes the extra screen printing POWER of DIY Print Shop! What is DIY Print Shop? DIY Print Shop is a way of thinking and doing: It empowers YOU to create a brand, share a voice, grow your dream, or even inspire a movement. DIY Print Shop gives people all over the world the ability to DIY, screen print and create!

DIY Print Shop was created by Ryonet and Print Liberation to empower people of the world with the magic of screen printing. Both companies were founded in their respective basements/garages and grew through a seat-of-the-pants DIY spirit that still thrives today. With the help of our DIY kits, it's easy and more affordable than ever to learn to screen print.

If you're the type of person who loves to create, design, learn, and do your own thing, the DIY Screen Printing Starter Kit may be just the thing to get you excited. We created this kit because we wanted to share the awesomeness of screen printing with you, make it affordable, and make it easy and fun to learn.

What’s included in the DIY Screen Printing Start Up Kit:

  • DIY Starter Press w/ 14x14 platen for DIY screen printing your t-shirts
  • Wood Screen 16x20 156 Mesh for printing your image
  • UV Bulb for Exposing your films
  • 10" 70 durometer squeegee for printing your ink
  • 11" Emulsion plastic scoop coater for applying emulsion
  • Roll of 2"x 15 yd screen tape for taping your screen
  • CCI WBP Emulsion pint  for screen creation
  • Light safe bulb for darkroom environment
  • 8 oz. Waterbase Black ink for printing on shirts
  • 8 oz. Screen degreaser (cont) for cleaning screens
  • 8 oz. Emulsion remover (cont) for removing emulsion
  • 2 oz. Pallet adhesive for tacking your shirt in place
  • 1 Red scrub pad for cleaning your screens
  • 4 pairs of disposable latex gloves for print clean up
  • 10 Ultimate cleanup cards for ink discard/ clean up
  • 2 sheets of 16"x24" parchment paper for curing shirts with an iron
  • 5 pack of Rite Film wp film positives for printing and creating positive
  • DIY Instructional DVD and manual for easy instructional follow

DIY Starter Hobby Press
  • Solid steel and aluminum construction.
  • Strong gas shock for stable and steady screen action.
  • Cyan powder coat finish.
  • Available bracket options for different size platens.
  • Adjustable screen tilt and off contact control.
  • Integrated exposure light and mounting fixture for screen exposure
  • Made in the USA
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

Complete DIY Training Video
Click to Watch (1 Hour Long)
Complete DIY Starter Kit Manual
Download (14.8 mb)

Why start with Ryonet?
Ryonet has the most experience and passion in the industry for starting screen printers—over the past 10 years we have helped thousands of people start and learn the art of screen printing. Supported by Ryonet’s top notch training videos, manuals, hands on training and free technical support our goal not only help you start, but to succeed in screen printing. We believe that if we help you learn screen printing, by offering the best package and support as you begin, you will have more fun and want to grow and expand. 

Training you can trust:
We’ve created a brand new instructional DVD to walk you through the step-by-step process of how to use this kit. In this training video we provide easy to follow detailed instruction on equipment setup, artwork, film output, screen preparation, screen exposure, print setup, screen printing on dark garments, screen printing on light garments, cleanup and next steps.

Contiguous US flat rate shipping charge: $25.00
*In order to effectively support this package it is very important for you to review the training video and manual before calling support so that our support staff can better trouble shoot your questions.

Support you can rely on:

Package requirements, options and notes. MUST READ.
This package does require a few household items to work. You will need access to a computer and printer to make your film positives, access to an iron, a water hose with a good nozzle, a sturdy desk or table and a small clear piece of glass (like one from a picture frame). We also highly recommend upgrading to a heat gun. The ink curing process is the most time consuming part of the screen printing process. A heat gun will allow you to cure your shirts in 1-3 minutes depending on the size of the image. Without a heat gun, you will be curing with an iron and the cure times will be double.

This package ships in one box and weighs about 35 pounds total. The average delivery time in the US is usually two to six business days. In most cases these packages ship the day of the order or the day after. However, from time to time they go on back order for an additional day or two. If you have an urgent need or a time sensitive matter, please call or e-mail. Next day air, 2nd day air and 3rd day select shipping options are available.

Q. Can I operate this kit out of my home or business? 
A. Yes, the DIY screen printing start up kit includes all environmentally safe products that can be used in your home or business environment. The DVD and training manual will walk you through how to use these products in your home  or business.

Q. Do you need a dedicated darkroom to use the DIY starter kit?
A. No, you don’t need a dedicated darkroom—the kit comes with a light safe yellow light and the instructions show you how to turn almost any environment into a light safe darkroom.

Q. Can you print on other things other than t-shirts with this kit?
A. Yes, you absolutely can. The ink that comes with the DIY starter kit is a water based ink. With water based ink you can print on textiles like cotton, 50/50 and canvas. You can also print on uncoated wood and paper with this ink.  By purchasing different types of ink you can print on different substrates.

Here are a few of the different types of inks and what they are used for:
Graphic Printing Ink – used for hard substrates like metal, glass, plastic, wood and more.
Opaque Plastisol Ink – doesn’t dry in the screen and is great for printing on dark garments.

Q. How many shirts can you print with this kit?
A. You can print between 50-100 shirts with the ink that comes in the kit. However you can easily order more water based ink and more screens along with other supplies and print as many shirts as you would like to.

Q. Can you print multiple color shirts with this kit?
A.  You can print more than one color of ink on a shirt with this kit, but it would be very hard to print more than one color in registration with the single color press that comes in the kit. For printing multiple colors in registration we suggest you upgrade to a larger press that has more color arms on it. Check out Ryonet’s Silver Press line.

Q. How long will it take to learn how to make a shirt?
A. It really depends on the printer. Some will love it and pick it up immediately and others could never use it. We find that most new printers can print a shirt with this package in the first few tries. Here’s a tip: try printing on light garments first—they are much easier to learn on.

Q. How long will the ink last on the t-shirt?
A. It’s very important that the ink is completely cured on the shirt. The instructional video and manual discuss this in detail. If the ink is properly cured on the garment then your shirt will last a very long time—most likely the life of the shirt. However, if the ink is not cured properly on the garment it will start to fade right away. Curing at 320 degrees F is key!

Q. What size of screens does this press take?
A. The DIY Hobby Starter Press can take 16x20” Wood Screens to 20x24” Wood screens or Aluminum Screens.