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Semi-Pro™ 4 Color Silk Screen Printing Kit

Semi-Pro™ 4 Color Silk Screen Printing Kit

Semi-Pro™ 4 Color Silk Screen Printing Kit
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Convert your kit to an environmentally printing kit with waterbase inks. Water based inks are easy to use and have a very soft hand on the shirt.
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Customer Reviews

Average rating from 1 reviews: 5.0
Awesome!I know that this kit is just under $1000 and for a lot of people including myself is a lot to put down. Save up and get this it will be well worth it! This is the first press that I have ever bought. This product will come in four packages (three from Ryonet and the other from an outside vendor. Outside vendor for the dryer) The packaging well placed in the boxes. Nothing was broken or missing from the packages. Note: I havent assembled the press and equipment yet but everything looks to be of high grade. Written by Arthur on Wed 17 Oct 2012 1:42:46 AM GMT
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Semi Pro Screen Printing at Home, Silk Screen Kit

FREE GROUND SHIPPING in the contiguous U.S. while supplies last.
Are you interested in screen printing at home, for a band, to start a small screen printing business, or just for fun?  The Semi-Pro™ Silk Screen Kit is a great way to start screen printing the right way! Complete with a four color screen printing press, exposure light, flash dryer, and all the supplies you need, this silk screen kit includes all the basics you need to start screen printing at home and build from there. With our comprehensive screen printing 101 dvd, the ability to come to a screen printing class, and free technical support, you can feel confident that not only are you getting the right silk screen kit, but you’re going to be successful using it!

The Semi-Pro™ Complete Kit Includes:


  • 1: 4 Color Silver Press
  • 2: 2 - 110 mesh, 16x20" and 2 - 156 mesh, 16x20" pre-stretched screens
  • 3:16x16 Flash Dryer
  • 4: Halogen Light Mounting Fixture (pictured below)
  • 5: 2 - 11" Squeegees and 2 - 8" Squeegees
  • 6: 101 DVD - Over 5 hours
  • 7: 1 Roll of screen masking tape (2"x15')
  • 8: 4 Ink Colors - International Coatings Plastisol. (Pints of Ryonet Black, Ryonet White, Scarlet Red, and Royal Blue)
  • 8oz of Curable Ink Reducer
  • 9: 16x16 Platen (printing board)
  • 10: 12" Scoop Coater - Used for applying the emulsion to the screen
  • 11: Chemical resistant scrub brushes - 2 count
  • 12: 15 Sheets of Rite Film WP positives (8.5x11")
  • 13: Emulsion - 1 Quart of RXP dual cure emulsion (coats 25 screens)
  • 14: Mist Adhesive - 12oz
  • 15: Chemical Kit:
    • Plastisol Press Wash - Cleans plastisol ink from used screens or press
    • Emulsion Remover - 3oz Concentrate
    • Green Stuff dehazer- 16oz
    • Degreaser Concentrate - 4oz
    • Water Removable block-out - 4oz
    • Chemical resistant spray heads - 3 count
  • 16: 30 Ultimate Ink Cards -used for cleaning screens
  • 17: Hand Cleaner & Conditioner - 4oz

Not Shown: 10 Printing Pellons (white) and Light Safe Yellow Bulb
Screen Printing 4 Color Press

4 Color 1 Station Silver Press™


  • Sturdy aluminum construction - for a durable rust free design
  • Advanced Registration Gate - Adjustable like presses 5x it's price!
  • Hold perfect registration print after print!
  • Off Contact and Tilt Adjustment Bracket - allows you to set the off contact and tilt of your screen for optimal printing on almost any substrate. (see picture below)
  • Heavy Duty Screen Clamp - Flat Bar for extra clamping on screen surface area! Easy tightening knobs! Another critical point is the square back to the clamp. This allows screens to sit flush against the clamp reducing the possibility of slipping registration!
  • Heavy duty Gas Shocks - Makes this press super smooth and will support 23x31" frames! Up to 2 simultaneously.
  • Center Bearing - Rotates more smoothly than any other press on the market
  • 16x16" Neck Platen - for easy shirt alignment
  • Easy Assembly - mounts to any table or bench with just a couple screws
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty


Length 48"

Base: 13" Wide, 18" Long


Upgrade Options: Upgradable to a 4 Color 2 Station Press (increased production speed)

View The Silver Press™ In Action

Ryonet's New 16x16" Econo Flash

A flash dryer is a great way to spot dry ink between colors when printing multi-colored designs. It can also be used to achieve a final ink cure and is much more effective than using a heat gun. We have combined everything we would like in a starter flash dryer with BBC's manufacturing genius and unparalleled support to provide a consistent, affordable, and durable flash dryer to our customers just starting to screen print.


  • 16x16" 1600 Watt Infrared Element - most flash dryers in this price range use coil elements like you would see in an oven. An infrared element uses a panel with hundreds of wires flowing through it to provide consistent heat throughout the heating area. A coil element only emits heat from one coil so you have very hot spots and very cool spots which doesn't behoove a constant cure. With hundreds of wires flowing through it to provide consistent heat throughout the heating area. A coil element only emits heat from one coil so you have very hot spots and very cool spots which doesn't behoove a constant cure.
  • Rotating and Adjustable Stand
  • Sturdy design with powder coated housing to prevent rust
  • Locking casters
  • Simple design - fewer parts means fewer things to go wrong. The Econo Flash doesn't have an on/off switch but can easily be plugged into the wall or hooked up to an industrial power strip to turn on and off.
  • Easy assembly - yes, there is some assembly required, but with a few bolts you have a flash that's ready to be put to work.
  • UL certified components
  • Runs off any 15amp circuit
  • 1 year warranty - if a one year warranty seams short picture this. The element used in this flash dryer is the SAME element used it BBC's high end series. These elements have been tried and tested in thousands of shops throughout the world. Their quality and longevity speaks for itself and dwarfs any manufacturer's warranty!

Upgrade Options: Upgrade to an 18x18" 2223 Watt Afford-a-Flash. The 18x18" not only cures a larger area, but will also cure shirts faster and will give you more versatility as you grow and expand your business. This flash dryer comes with a 20 amp plug and will need a 20 amp outlet receptacle for power.


  • Emulsion Exposure Stand
  • 500 watt curing light with a pre-set distance & timing instructions

Upgrade Options: 20x24" Exposure Unit for only $350 or 25x36" Exposure Unit for $440. Our All New Model Exposure Units feature heavy duty extruded aluminum and now have an 8 bulb light source. Expose the finest detail and give yourself the ability to expose half tones in a fraction of the time.

* 20" x 24" Exposure Unit shown (optional upgrade)

Screen Printing 101 Complete Instructional DVD

A $49.99 value with over 5 hours of screen printing lessons and a set of written instructions on how to screen print. Our DVD is taught by our sales staff that has over 100 combined years of screen printing experience. We also offer free technical support with our kits so feel free to call and talk to our staff at any time. Our DVD covers everything from Art set up in photo shop, Screen set up, advanced printing, clean up and more. To see more Educational Materials click here.

Training Bonus: Take advantage of our special training offer and receive an additional DVD featuring a variety of training clips like how to print a better white, decorating mugs, printing gradient images, advanced color separations, & much more. This DVD is packed full of 2+ hours of bonus footage that you can apply to real world application. Take a glimpse into the future and see how you can grow and expand your printing operation with this DVD.


  • Prints between 40-60 shirts per hour
  • Average shirt cost of $1.50 - $3.00 per shirt (ShirtSpace.com)
  • Average print cost of $0.05 - $0.35 per shirt
  • Capable of printing professional quality prints
  • Designed for printing smaller runs of shirts; 50-200 at one time
  • Capable of printing larger runs of shirts: 200-2000 at one time

Why start with Ryonet?
Ryonet has the most experience and passion in the industry for starting screen printers—over the past 10 years we have helped thousands of people start and learn the art of screen printing. We’ve taken what we’ve learned and developed this brand new Screen Printing Starter Kit that offers the most functional and affordable screen printing kit on the market. Supported by Ryonet’s top notch training videos, manuals, hands on training and free technical support our goal not only help you start, but to succeed in screen printing. We believe that if we help you learn screen printing, by offering the best package and support as you begin, you will have more fun and want to grow and expand.  

I tried to work with a “Big Brand Company”, but they wouldn’t give me the time of day. I turned to Ryonet, and  I found that I get the same level of attention and service as a big experienced printer! You are MY screen printing supply company!
Thanks for all your help!
- Geoff Sager - Flat Broke Comics

Training you can trust:
We’ve created a brand new 3+ hour instructional DVD to walk you through the step-by-step process of how to use this kit. In this training video we provide easy to follow detailed instruction on equipment setup, artwork, film output, screen preparation, screen exposure, print setup, screen printing on dark garments, screen printing on light garments, cleanup and next steps. This is also the first video we filmed completely in a home or small business environment using only the components that come in the package. Plus the Screen Printing Starter Kit Training Video is duplicated in written form in our Screen Printing Starter Kit Manual so you can follow along, take notes and reference back when you’re on press in the middle of a print.

*In order to effectively support this package it is very important for you to review the training video and manual before calling support so that our support staff can better trouble shoot your questions.

Support you can rely on:

Shipping Note: This package ships in 3 different boxes and weighs about 150 lbs. The press, flash, and supplies might ship from separate locations and might arrive at different times. The average delivery time in the US is usually 2-7 business days, but due to the demand of the press, please expect an additional 2-4 day delay. This package can only ship UPS Ground because of the weight and chemicals. No Expedited shipping methods available shipment. Please do not select Next Day, 2nd Day, 3rd Day or Express Ground.