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Screen Printing Flash Dryers

See Also: Conveyor Dryers
   SilkScreeningSupplies.com offers a variety of flash dryers for spot curing and final curing for those without a conveyor dryer. We offer affordable options in addition to heavy-duty production flash dryers for large operation screen shops. Flash dryers are excellent for use at home and at a small office because they are light, durable and easy to store. These dryers are also ideal for large business if you need to get a job done quickly with a small order.

If you are doing your final cures with a flash dryer, we highly recommend getting our laser heat gun to insure proper curing temperature. Our laser temp gun is universal and can be used for both flash dryers and conveyer dryers and its small enough to fit in your pocket so you can have it on hand. Order your flash dryer today and start producing your creative shirt designs quickly & easily. 

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1 Laser Temp Gun Noncontact Thermometer (SKU: Tempgun)Noncontact Thermometer
2 Ink Temperature Strip / Test Strips to insure ink is cured 16 pack (SKU: THERMOLABEL5)Ink Temperature Strip / Test Strips to insure ink is cured
3 16x16" RyoFlash Dryer w/ Stand & Casters (SKU: LGFL1800)16x16 Flash Dryer for Screen Printing
4 RyoFlash 18x18" Flash Dryer 120V, 2223W, 18.5 amps (SKU: BBCEF-2200)RyoFlash 18x18 Flash Dryer 120V, 2223W, 18.5 amps
5 Air Flash Dryer BBC Air Flash (SKU: RHAF2-4000ST)Forced Air Flash Dryer
6 BBC 16x16 Flash Dryer, 1575w (SKU: BBCBF1-1600SD)Black Body 16x16 Flash, 120V, 1575W, 13.2 amps
7 BBC 16x16 Flash Dryer , 240V, 1873W (SKU: BBCBF1-1800SD)BBC 16x16 Flash Dryer , 240V, 1873W
8 BBC 18x18 HW Flash Dryer, 120V, 2243W (SKU: BBCBF2-2200SD)Black Body 18x18 Flash, 120V, 2243W, 18.5 amps
9 BBC 18x18 Flash Dryer 240V, 3383W (SKU: BBCBF2-3400SD)Black Body 18x18 Flash 240V, 3383W, 14.1 amps
10 BBC 18x18 Flash Dryer, 208V, 2738W (SKU: BBCBF2-2700SD)Black Body 18x18 Flash, 208V, 2738W, 13.2 amps
11 BBC 18x24 Flash Dryer 240V, 3127W (SKU: BBCBF3-3001SD)Black Body 18x24 Flash 240V, 3127W, 13.1 amps
12 BBC 18x24 Flash Dryer 208V, 3546W (SKU: BBCBF3-3600SD)Black Body 18x24 Flash 208V, 3546W, 17.0 amps
13 BBC 18x24 Flash Dryer 240V, 4498W (SKU: BBCBF3-4500SD)Black Body 18x24 Flash 240V, 4498W, 18.7 amps
14 BBC 24x24 Flash 240V, 4948W (SKU: BBCBF4-5200SD)Black Body 24x24 Flash 240V, 4948W, 21.0 amps
15 BBC 24x24 Flash Dryer 208V, 4979W (SKU: BBCBF4-5000SD)Black Body 24x24 Flash 208V, 4979W, 23.9 amps
16 BBC 24x24 Flash Dryer 240V, 3958W (SKU: BBCBF4-4000SD)Black Body 24x24 Flash 240V, 3958W, 16.5 amps
17 MEGA Flash Dryer 28x28" 5500 Watts, 240v (SKU: BBCBF5-5500SD)MEGA Flash Dryer 28x28"
18 Automatic Flash Dryer 18x18" or 18x24" w/ 3400 W (SKU: BBCABF2-3400HC)Auto FLASH 18x18" 3400 Watt
19 Scorch Remover & Stain Remover PINT by CCI (SKU: CCSCRMVR)Scorch Remover Pint