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Screen Printing Squeegees

Ryonet squeegees are made in the USA using high quality 80 durometer blade that is glued in for optimal printing and cleaning ability.

All Ryonet squeegees are made from the high quality polyurethane blade manufactured in the USA. Ryonet carries 4 different types of squeegee durometer. 60 Durometer (Orange), 70 Durometer (Yellow), 80 Durometer (Blue), and 70/90/70 Triple Durometer (Yellow/Clear/Yellow).

The Squeegee durometer measures the squeegee "hardness," that determines the amount of pressure required to push ink through mesh. The higher the durometer the harder the blade. When printing a softer blade flex more while hard squeegee blades do not.

What durometer should you use?

  • 60 durometer is the softest and leaves a minimal ink deposit, its great for very thin ink and water based inks.
  • 70 durometer is by far the MOST POPULAR AND VERSITILE in the garment industry, its a great general purpose blade for just about everything.
  • 80 durometer provides a stronger force for work with thick opaque inks.
  • 70/90/70 triple durometer gives you a soft edge with a hard center for optimal control.

Ink Info: Helpful Ink Printing Tips

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7 10 Inch Squeegee (SKU: sq7010)10 Inch Squeegee
8 11 Inch Squeegee (SKU: sq7011)11 Inch Squeegee
9 12 Inch Squeegee (SKU: sq7012)12 Inch Squeegee
10 13 Inch Squeegee (SKU: sq7013)13 Inch Squeegee
11 14 Inch Squeegee (SKU: sq7014)14 Inch Squeegee
12 15 Inch Squeegee (SKU: sq7015)15 Inch Squeegee
13 16 Inch Squeegee (SKU: sq7016)16 Inch Squeegee
14 17 Inch Squeegee (SKU: sq7017)17 Inch Squeegee
15 18 Inch Squeegee (SKU: sq7018)18 Inch Squeegee
16 19 Inch Squeegee (70 Durometer) (SKU: sq7019)19 Inch Squeegee (70 Durometer)
17 20 Inch Squeegee (70 Durometer) (SKU: sq7020)20 Inch Squeegee (70 Durometer)
18 24 Inch Squeegee (70 Durometer) (SKU: SQ7024)24 Inch Squeegee (70 Durometer)
19 Squeegee and Screen Cleaner Re Circulating Booth (SKU: CCSQ1000Poly)Squeegee Cleaner Booth