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Sublimation Transfers, Sublimation Kits, Sublimation Printer

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Ryonet has limited stock on Sublimation and Chromablast cartridges. All available cartridges and items are listed below and are to be sold ONLINE ONLY.

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1 Sublimation & Digital Heat Transfer DVD (SKU: SUBDVD)Sublimation & Digital Heat Transfer DVD (SKU: SUBDVD)Sublimation & Digital Heat Transfer DVD
2 Heat Transfer 16x20" Teflon Sheet (SKU: TRM-SM1620)Heat Transfer 16x20" Teflon Sheet (SKU: TRM-SM1620)16x20" Teflon Sheet
3 Cleaning Swabs (Printer & Plotter Maintenance) (SKU: PCS71-4500-25PK)Cleaning Swabs (Printer & Plotter Maintenance) (SKU: PCS71-4500-25PK)
Sublimation is a professional long lasting solution to standard inkjet heat transfers. The dye sublimation process consists of printing a special sublimation ink through a specific Epson printers (Epson C88, R1800, and 4800) and onto a sublimation transfer sheet.  By using a heat process the sublimation ink can be transferred onto a variety of substrates such as t-shirts, mugs, coasters, mouse pads, plaques and many more. The sublimation process is different than standard ink transfers because instead of using a carrier sheet to take the ink over to the shirt or item, sublimation ink actually becomes a part of the item.
Dye sublimation ink is transformed into a gas when heated at a high temperature.  The transfer process works by using a heat press and pressure to heat the transfer on top of the item.  The heat not only releases the gas from the ink but it also opens up the pores of the polyester, polymer, or polymer coated item which then allows the gas to enter. When the heat press is lifted and the temperature cools the sublimation ink turns back into a solid form and the pores close permanently encapsulating the ink within the polymer.  If done correctly, the image will never fade and loose its luster unless the actual fiber or polymer is damaged.  Because it becomes a part of the substrate, the ink feels extremely sooth and soft to the touch.
Unfortunately because of the pores needed to hold the dye, sublimation cannot be done successfully onto 100%, 50/50 blend shirts or your basic items like a coffee mug you pickup at costco.  Shirts need to be 100% polyester and other items need to be coated with a polymer coating to accept the sublimation ink.  These special items are not hard to find, Hanes makes a line of shirts called SoftLink which is a 100% polyester on the outside and 100% cotton on the inside giving you the best of both worlds.  We also carry a variety of coated items such as mugs, coasters, mouse pads, plaques, clocks, and much more.  Like most other printer inks, sublimation ink is transparent. This means that it needs to be printed on a light background or for optimal results a white background.  Unfortunately most sublimation cannot be done on dark objects.
Sublimation offers a fast, low cost, solution to print high quality full color images on shirts and many other items to start or enhance your business.  Ryonet has several complete startup packages available which include everything needed to start sublimating today!
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While sublimation does have some limitations, Ryonet has several solutions that are almost too good to be true.  By using our special ChromaBlast ink, you can print sublimation quality images onto 100% cotton items. By using our 4800 hybrid system you can actually print with both the Sublijet Sublimation Ink but also the Chromablast ink in the same printer giving you double the fire power.

With Sublijet ink, using our special Forever Subli-Dark transfers, you can not only transfer an image onto a dark shirt, but also a 100% cotton shirt.  These transfers and one of a kind and must be cut out around the image. This can be done manually but is much easier and more consistent to plot the designs or images out using a vinyl plotter that can read print registration lines on your transfer.

Create full color transfers on DARK garments easier & faster using this paper. FOREVER Subli-Dark is a flexible white opaque material that is designed to successfully transfer vivid images onto 100% cotton, denim, canvas, polyester, and leather. Client requests can be fulfilled quickly and easily by printing full color photos and/or designs onto the Subli-Dark media using an inkjet sublimation printer or through a printer/cutter for intricate designs or large print jobs. After cutting and weeding the design with scissors, a stand-alone cutter, or printer/cutter combination, the image can be transferred using a heat press for a sharp finished product.

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