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Wood Screen Printing Frames

Looking for Aluminum Screens?

Ryonet offers pre-stretched aluminum and wood frames Made in the USA. Mesh Counts ranging from 24 tpi to 420 tpi. We can provide a solution to all of your screen needs, no matter what the size or application. Custom frames are available on request. For custom frame quotes, please call 800-314-6390 ext 138.

Plastisol Ink Mesh Count General Guideline: 24-86 Mesh - Specialty Inks (See Below) 110 - Most Popular for Light Colors such as White. 156 - Most Popular for Black. Holds More detail than 110 but less ink will pass through the screen. 200-230 - Ink will need to be reduced. Holds high detail. Good for Solvent based and Water based Inks. 230-305 - Mostly used for super fine detail half tones and CMYK Process Prints, Solvent and Water base.

Specialty Inks: 86- 110 mesh for Metallic 60 - 86 mesh for Shimmers (60 Mesh For LB Shimmer) 24-36 mesh for Glitter Inks (24 Works Best)
See Also: Additional info about Mesh and Frame Type Aluminum Screens Screen Racks and Accessories Mesh by the Yard Re-Meshing/Re-Stretching
Frame Size (O.D.) Frame I.D. Printable Area Scoop Coater Size Max Squeegee Size
16x20 ~13x17 ~10x14 12" 11"
20x24 ~17.25x21.25 ~14x18 16" 15"

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1 Ryonet Tension Meter by Shur-loc (SKU: RFEQ-RTM)Ryonet Tension Meter by Shur-loc
2 Screen Printing Scoop Coater / Emulsion Scoop Coater (SKU: SC16)Emulsion Scoop Coater
3 20 Screen Arsenal Pack (Wood 20x24) SAVE (SKU: W2024ARSENAL)Arsenal Multi Mesh Count Screen Printing Screen Pack
4 Wood Screen 20x24 38 White Mesh (SKU: W202438)Great for Glitter Inks!
5 Wood Screen 20x24" 60 Mesh White (SKU: W202460)Wood Screen 20x24" 60 Mesh White
6 Wood Screen 20x24 86 White Mesh (SKU: W202486)
7 Wood Screen 20x24 110 Mesh White (SKU: W2024110)Most popular for white plastisol
8 Wood Screen 20x24 156 Mesh White (SKU: W2024156)
9 Wood Screen 20x24 200 Yellow Mesh (SKU: W2024200)
10 Wood Screen 20x24 230 Yellow Mesh (SKU: W2024230)
11 Wood Screen 20x24" 280 Yellow Mesh (SKU: W2024280)
12 Wood Screen 20x24 305 Yellow Mesh (SKU: W2024305)
13 Screen Printing Press Cart w/ Screen & Supply Rack (SKU: NPRESSCART)
14 Wood 16x20 110 White Mesh (SKU: W1620110)Wood Screen 16x20 110 White Mesh
15 Wood 16x20 156 White Mesh (SKU: W1620156)Wood Screen 16x20 156 White Mesh
16 Wood 16x20 230 Yellow Mesh (SKU: W1620230Y)Wood Screen 16x20 230 Yellow Mesh
17 2" White Screen Tape, Low Adhesive Solvent Resistant Tape (SKU: ZP719-2X55WHITE)Screen Tape
18 Screen Drying Rack w/ 20 Slots - Fits 23x31" & 20x24" (SKU: NGFRS)Screen Drying Rack
19 Ryonet Adhesive Screen Glue Kit (SKU: NGGLUEKIT)Parson Adhesive Screen Glue Epoxy Kit
20 PMI 3" Split Tape Roll 60 yrds (SKU: PMI3SPLIT)PMI 3" Split Tape
21 C-Thru AccuSpecII Accurate Fine Screen Calibrations (SKU: MIS-CTAS2)C-Thru AccuSpecII Accurate Fine Screen Calibrations
22 Screen Coating Stand (Coat Emulsion Like The Pro's!) (SKU: NGSCSA)Screen Coating Stand
23 Screen Angle and Line Determiner (SKU: LIT-SALD)Screen Angle and Line Determiner
24 T-Square For Lining Up Films (SKU: LIT-TSA24)T-Square